Excel ITF-14 Generator Image Setting Tutorial

samples to generate linear ITF-14 in png, jpeg, etc. image formats in Excel

Introduction for Excel ITF-14 Add-In

Overview of Excel ITF-14 Generator

ITF-14, also known as UPC Shipping Container Symbol ITF-14, ITF14, is numeric-only linear barcode generated according to GS1 standard.

How to generate, print barcode using .NET, Java sdk library control with example project source code free download:

More barcode generating in Excel:

With our Excel ITF-14 Barcode Generator, users quickly and efficiently encode ITF-14 barcode images into Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007, and 2010 version. To be specific, ITF-14 image format, rotation, and resolution are available to set and adjust by our customers.

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Excel ITF-14 is one of the two powerful Microsoft Office barcode generators provided by OnBarcode. And the other one is ITF-14 Barcode Add-In in Microsoft Word, which can be used to create and draw other linear & 2D barcodes. In general, Code 39, Code 128, GS1 128, Intelligent Mail, ITF-14, QR Code, Data Matrix, and PDF417 can be easily produced with this Word ITF-14 Barcode Add-In.

Moreover, OnBarcode has ITF-14 Barcode Generator for .NET and it is mature enough for creating and setting ITF-14 image.

Set ITF-14 Image Format in Excel - PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP

First of all, you are supposed to set the barcode type as ITF-14. Besides, ITF-14 is able to encode numeric data, so you need to input 13 digits only.

Create ITF-14 in PNG Image Format

In data field: 0000001111111

Image Format: PNG

Set other required properties of your ITF-14

Create ITF-14 in JPEG Image Format

In data field: 1111112222222

Image Format: JPEG

Set other required properties of your ITF-14

Generate ITF-14 in GIF Image Format

In data field: 2222223333333

Image Format: GIF

Customize other required properties of your ITF-14

Produce ITF-14 in TIFF Image Format

In data field: 3333334444444

Image Format: TIFF

Customize other required properties of your ITF-14

Encode ITF-14 in BMP Image Format

In data field: 4444445555555

Image Format: BMP

Set other required properties of your ITF-14

Set ITF-14 Image Rotation in Excel - 0, 90, 180, 270 Degrees

Our ITF-14 Excel Barcode Add-In provides four choices of ITF-14 image rotation: 0, 90, 180, and 270.

Set your barcode type: ITF-14

In data field, enter the data to be encoded: 5555556666666

Choose Rotate of ITF-14: 0/90/180/270

Other properties remain the default settings

Then, you can create and draw ITF-14 barcodes in four rotate degrees according to the above ITF-14 image settings.

0 Degree

90 Degree

180 Degree

270 Degree

Set ITF-14 Image Resolution in Excel - Customizable Resolution

The ITF-14 image resolution is default by OnBarcode Excel ITF-14 Generator and the value is 96. Like ITF-14 image size, the barcode image resolution is user-defined as well.

Set and Customize ITF-14 Image Resolution in Excel

barcode type: ITF-14

data: 7777778888888

Image Resolution: 72

Excel Barcode Generator Supporting Bar Code Types

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