• Simply and easily create QR Code barcode, including Micro QR code, using this QR Code barcode font
  • Generate or draw QR-Code barcodes in Office Excel, Word, Access, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET framework, Java developments and etc.
  • Supports the operating systems like Windows 7, Macintosh, Linux, Unix
  • Complete source code are provided
  • Compatible with the QR Code standards ISO/IEC 18004:2006
  • Support Reed-Solomon error correction
  • Royalty-free is supplied with the purchase of all Developer Licenses


The QR Code Barcode Font is a barcode suite that helps you create QR Code barcode symbol in various applications with barcode font. QR-Code, created by Denso-Wave in 1994, is a 2D or two-dimensional barcode symbol that has been widely used in marketing, interpretation, and entertainment. This barcode symbol has a mass of data capability and may encode information such as text, URL and others. The QR is abbreviated from Quick Response which means that the barcode can be quickly decoded. However it is necessary to decode this barcode with dedicated QR barcode readers and scanners.


  • Complete source code of Java, C#, and C++ are available with the purchase of the Unlimited Developer License.
  • TrueType fonts, OpenType fonts, PostScript fonts, and PCL fonts are combined into the QR Code barcode font as a single ZIP file. All versions of fonts in the ZIP file are provided when a license of QR Code Barcode Font is purchased
  • Microsoft Word and Excel Add-in support allows the creation of QR code in Windows and Macintosh systems
  • Easily generate diversified QR Code barcodes such as QR Code Model 1, QR Code Model 2, QR Code 2005, and the Micro QR Code
  • Encode various data including numeric data (digits 0 - 9), alphanumeric data, byte data, and Kanji characters
  • Micro QR Code symbol size may be selectable from 11 X 11 modules to 17 X 17 modules and the standard QR Code symbols may vary from 21 X 21 modules to 177 X 177 modules
  • Four levels of Reed-Solomon error correction support allows the recovery of codewords in Level L 7%, Level M 15%, Level Q 25%, and Level H 30%
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