Java UPC-A Generator Data Encoding Tutorial

sample source code to input valid data and generate linear UPC-A images in Java

  • Show text can enable or disenable with Java UPC-A generator
  • High quality UPC-A images may be printed with any printers, including those low resolution printers
  • Common-used image formats are valid here, which are png, tiff, gif, jpeg and bmp
  • Valid character set and available data length can be referred in the UPC-A page
  • Encoding UPC-A valid data set to generate valid UPC-A images in Java applications
  • Set proper data length to generate and create valid UPC-A barcodes in Java applications
  • Servlets, Applets, JavaBean and class library are provided in UPC-A generator for Java
  • Permanent license with the purchase of the developer license
  • Generate barcodes which can be added to Oracle Reports and Crystal Reports
  • Compatible with JDK 1.4 or greater

Except Java UPC-A data encoding, Onbarcode Java Barcode Generator provides other UPC-A setting guide in Java applications:

UPC-A size setting properties in Java concentrates on setting UPC-A bar width, image width, unit of measure and other size setting property settings;

UPC-A image setting properties in Java provides details on hwo to change UPC-A image format, resolution, rotation and other image setting property setting in Java.

Java UPC-A Generator Introduction

Java UPC-A generator is a mature and reliable Java barcode generation component for creating UPC-A barcodes in Java, Jasper Reports, iReport, and Eclipse BIRT projects. High-quality UPC-A barcode images can be drawn and printed into GIF, BMP, PNG, JPEG/JPG & TIFF formats with Java UPC-A barcode generator. Rich barcode options are provided to customize UPC-A barcode properties in accordance with your needs.

UPC-A Overview

UPC-A, also known as Universal Product Code version A , UPC Code, UPC Symbol, GTIN-12, GS1-12, UCC-12, is the most common and well-known barcode symbology in the United States. It is a sub set of UPC barcode type which is short for Universal Product Code and is widly used in North America, UK, Australia and new Zealand for tracking trade items in stores.

Valid Character Set to Encode UPC-A in Java

  • Numeric Digits: 0 - 9;

Valid Data Length in Java

Java UPC-A can encode 12 data length without the auto check sum digit which will be automatically caculated and printed at the end of the text in the UPC-A image in Java.However, UPC-A in Java can add 2 or 5 data with numeric digits to generate a supplement barcode at the left side of the UPC-A barcode.In this app, Java UPC-A generation library can encode 13, 15, 18 digits including check sum.

Java UPC-A Data Encoding Implementation

Encode 13 Numeric Data for Java UPC-A

Common UPC-A generator in Java can encode 13 digits including check sum digit with numeric digits from 0 to 9.

      UPCA barcode = new UPCA();

Encode 2 Supplement Data for UPC-A in Java

Two extra digits can be added to encode UPC-A linear barcode generation for UPC-A images in Java projects

      UPCA barcode = new UPCA();

Encode 5 Supplement Data for UPC-A in Java

Five extra digits can be added to encode UPC-A linear barcode generation for UPC-A images in Java projects

      UPCA barcode = new UPCA();

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