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3.2. Defense-in-Depth
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Defense-in-depth, also referred to as redundancy, is the second design principle we will discuss in this chapter. To start with a common real-world example, consider how some banks protect themselves from bank robbers.
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3.2.1. Prevent, Detect, Contain, and Recover
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The point of defense-in-depth is to not rely on any one defense to achieve security. Multiple mechanisms can help you achieve more security than just one. Some mechanisms (such as the security guards outside the bank) might help prevent attacks. In the case of a bank robbery, it is usually quite obvious when the robbery is taking place but in the world of network security, it may not even be clear when an attack is taking place. As such, some mechanisms might help you detect when attacks are taking place. Since it is not always possible to prevent attacks altogether, it is important to deploy mechanisms that help you manage or contain attacks while they are in progress. In some banks, bank tellers are stationed behind bulletproof glass, which helps contain the effect of a bank robbery by working to spare the lives of the bank tellers in the case that violence breaks out. After an attack takes place, you want to be able to recover from the attack, to whatever extent possible. Bank tellers may give the robbers a specially prepared briefcase of cash that will spurt dye on the robber when he opens it. The police
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4. Note that getCanonicalPath() may not work as expected in the presence of hard links.
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will then be able to find the bank robber because the dye can only be removed using special chemicals, which helps create accountability.5 In addition to dye-laced briefcases, banks take out insurance policies to help deal with the financial loss in case the cash cannot be recovered. A good security system, whether it be for physical banks or software information systems, should employ defense-in-depth, and include mechanisms that help to prevent, detect, manage, and recover from attacks.
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3.2.2. Don t Forget Containment and Recovery
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Some organizations go overboard on deploying too many prevention and detection measures, and do not focus adequately enough on containment or recovery. For example, some organizations will deploy a firewall and IDS, but will not have appropriate measures in place to deal with security alerts generated by them. Preventive techniques may not be perfect, and may fail at preventing some malicious acts from taking place. On the Internet, malicious traffic needs to be treated as a fact of life, instead of as an error or exceptional condition. It may take some time to identify and/or detect malicious traffic before the connections with malicious sources can be dropped. In the interim, you need to contain damage that can impact the normal operation of the network. To highlight the importance of attack containment techniques, consider an analogy between defenses of a distributed computer system and national security defenses. On the morning of September 11, 2001, at the time that the first hijacked airplane hit the north tower of the World Trade Center, our nation s preventive defense mechanisms had already failed. The FBI, CIA, NSA, and INS had failed to identify and/or detain the terrorists who had entered the country and had been training to fly commercial airliners. The hijackers were let through the airport security checkpoints and were allowed to board. When the first airplane hit the tower, the hijackers were already in control of two other planes in the air. After the first airplane hit the north tower, it was, in fact, unclear as to whether what had just happened was an accident, or whether it was an attack. Indeed, it would take the authorities some time to detect exactly what was going on. And, of course, regardless of whether the incident that had just occurred was an attack, it would take quite some time to recover from the situation, to the extent that such incidents can be recovered from. Immediately after the crash of the first airplane, and while the authorities were in the process of detecting exactly what was going on, efforts were focused on containing the effects of the incident, by saving as many lives as possible. Such containment techniques whether they be protocols that emergency response teams should follow, the activation of additional secure radio frequencies and communication channels for use by authorities to coordinate life-saving efforts, or possible procedures for emergency scrambling of jet fighters need to be designed, practiced, tested, and put in place well ahead of any such incident. In a distributed system, it is also important that once malicious parties have breached the preventive mechanisms, and while the existence, locations, and identities of the malicious actors are in the process of being detected, attack containment techniques be used to minimize the impact of the attack while detection and recovery procedures are executing.
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5. If robbers know that they might be given dye-laced cash, this may also serve as a deterrent, or a preventive measure, since the only way to check for dye-laced cash may be to open the briefcase. Why go through the trouble of robbing the bank if they may not be able to get usable cash At the same time, the dye-laced cash is not a pure recovery measure, since it doesn t help the bank get the money back; it only makes it useless (in the case that real cash is in the briefcase).
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