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I Note You will have noticed that the Google search is hosted on, my web site. This provides a copy of Google s old web service API implemented by screen scraping the results from Google. This idea was copied from, implemented originally by Collin Winter, in response to Google s decision to discontinue its SOAP API. Many companies use web services internally as a way of letting teams throughout the company, or partner companies, cooperate more easily. The services provided by and are good examples of this but were not suitable for use in this example because they require a long sign-up process.
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The huge advantage of using a proxy is that once the proxy has been created, there is very little plumbing to do. It s simply a matter of creating an instance of the proxy class and calling the service s methods. This is illustrated in the following example (Listing 10-5) where you query Google for the first three pages of F#. Creating an instance of the GoogleSearchService class and calling its doGoogleSearch method is straightforward, and processing the result is straightforward since it s available in a strongly typed class. Listing 10-5. Calling the Google Web Service #light #r "Proxy.dll";; let key = "xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx" let google = new GoogleSearchService(Url = "") let result = google.doGoogleSearch(key=key, q="FSharp", start=0, maxResults=3, filter=false, restrict="", safeSearch=false, lr="", ie="", oe="")
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result.resultElements |> Array.iteri (fun i result -> printf "%i. %s\r\n%s\r\n%s\r\n\r\n" i result.title result.URL result.snippet) read_line() |> ignore The results of this example, when executed (on the day of this writing), are as follows: 0. <b>F#</b> A .NET variant of ML with a core language similar to that of the OCaml programmi ng <br> language. 1. <b>f#</b> language <b>F#</b> is a programming language that provides the much sought-after <b>...</ b> The only <br> language to provide a combination like this is <b>F#</b> (pron ounced FSharp) - a <b>...</b> 2. F Sharp programming language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The correct title of this article is <b>F#</b> programming language. <b>...</b> NET components <br> in <b>F#</b>. Consequently, the main <b>F#</b> libraries ar e the . <b>...</b>
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Creating Web Services
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In addition to calling web services, you can create web services in F#, and this is also very straightforward. In fact, when creating a web service, the main problem is probably exposing code through a web server. Web servers receive requests for files, in the form of a URL; you must tell the web server to which .NET class this request will map. Typically you use an .asmx file to run a specific F# class that will responded to the web service request if the web server gets a request for the .asmx file. The exact way of doing this varies depending on your development environment and the web server on which you host your services. Visual Studio 2005 comes with a built-in web server, so creating a new web site is just a matter of selecting File New Web Site and then choosing the location for the website.
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This site will run only those pages written in C# or Visual Basic .NET, so you need to add an F# project to the solution and then manually alter the solution file so that it lives inside the website directory. This is easier than it sounds. You just need to copy the .fsharpp file to the website directory, open the .sln file in Notepad, and alter the path to the .fsharpp file. After this, you just need to configure the project file to output a library and write this to a bin subdirectory. This might seem like a lot of effort, but afterward you will just be able to press F5, and your project will compile and run. If you don t have Visual Studio 2005, then the next best thing to do is to host the site in Internet Information Services (IIS, Microsoft s own web server for Windows). In some ways, this is easier than hosting in Visual Studio, but it doesn t have the convenience of just being able to execute your code once coding is completed. To host your code in IIS, you need to create an IIS virtual directory with a subdirectory called bin. You then need to copy your .asmx pages and your web.config file to the virtual directory.
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I Note Getting ASP.NET to work with F# and Apache is possible, but it is more difficult than the situation either
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with or without Visual Studio 2005; see the following page for more details: FSharp/Foundations/default.aspx/FSharpFoundations.HostingWebServices.
The service itself is straightforward. The service should be a class that derives from System.Web.Service.WebService and has a parameterless constructor. It should also be marked with System.Web.Service.WebServiceAttribute. If you intend to expose your web service publicly, you must set the attribute s Namespace. The default is, and even if you don t intend to expose your service publicly, setting this attribute will lead to more manageable web services. The members of the class can then become web methods by simply marking them with System.Web.Service.WebServiceAttribute. This too has a number of useful properties; it s particularly worth setting the Description property so clients of your service know what they re getting. Listing 10-6 shows the definition of a simple web service. You create a type Service with one member, Addition, that must have its parameters in the tuple style. Listing 10-6. Creating a Simple Web Service #light namespace Strangelights.WebServices open System.Web.Services [<WebService(Namespace = "")>] type Service = class inherit WebService new() = {} [<WebMethod(Description = "Performs integer addition")>] member x.Addition (x : int, y : int) = x + y end
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