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String[] configArgs = new String[] {args[0]}; Configuration config = null; String codebase = null; try { config = ConfigurationProvider.getInstance(configArgs); codebase = (String) config.getEntry("ServiceCodebaseDemo", "codebase", String.class); } catch(ConfigurationException e) { System.err.println("Configuration error: " + e.toString()); System.exit(1); } System.setProperty("java.rmi.manager.codebase", codebase); System.setSecurityManager(new RMISecurityManager()); LookupDiscovery discover = null; try { discover = new LookupDiscovery(LookupDiscovery.ALL_GROUPS); } catch(Exception e) { System.err.println("Discovery failed " + e.toString()); System.exit(1); } discover.addDiscoveryListener(this); } public void discovered(DiscoveryEvent evt) { ServiceRegistrar[] registrars = evt.getRegistrars(); for (int n = 0; n < registrars.length; n++) { ServiceRegistrar registrar = registrars[n]; ServiceItem item = new ServiceItem(null, impl, null); ServiceRegistration reg = null; try { reg = registrar.register(item, Lease.FOREVER); } catch(java.rmi.RemoteException e) { System.err.println("Register exception: " + e.toString()); continue; } System.out.println("Service registered with id " + reg.getServiceID()); // set lease renewal in place leaseManager.renewUntil(reg.getLease(), Lease.FOREVER, this); } } public void discarded(DiscoveryEvent evt) { } public void notify(LeaseRenewalEvent evt) { System.out.println("Lease expired " + evt.toString());
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} } // FileClassifierServerCodebaseConfig
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Using localhost
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In a development environment, it is quite common to build clients and services all on the same machine. My main computer is my laptop, and I keep moving from one IP domain to another, so my IP address keeps changing, and when I upload code to another machine it changes again. In these circumstances, it is quite common to use localhost for the current machine. But as soon as you distribute an application, use of localhost often breaks: mylocalhost is not yourlocalhost, and distributed applications will often get confused. Within an application, localhost can always be resolved to a real hostname: InetAddress localhost = InetAdress.getLocalHost(); String loclaHostName = localhost.getHostName(); However, this code cannot be used in configuration files since it involves a call to an instance method, and only static method calls are allowed. Jini 2.0 includes a ConfigUtils class that wraps this particular instance method with a static method, ConfigUtils.getHostName(). It also includes a static method to concatenate strings (which would otherwise be done by + on instance objects). I would expect the methods in this class to grow as more uses are made of Jini configuration. This class is in the com.sun.jini.config package, so it is not a finalized part of Jini. A configuration to set the codebase to localhost might contain the following: codebase = ConfigUtil.concat(new String[] { "http://", ConfigUtil.getHostName(), ":80/classes" } );
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A Generic Server
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The configuration mechanism can be used to place all runtime information in a configuration file. This can even include the service all that the server needs to know is that the service implements the Remote interface. For example, information about the service could be given in a file such as config/generic.config: import import import import import import import import net.jini.jeri.BasicILFactory; net.jini.jeri.BasicJeriExporter; net.jini.jeri.tcp.TcpServerEndpoint; com.sun.jini.config.ConfigUtil; net.jini.core.discovery.LookupLocator; net.jini.core.entry.Entry; net.jini.lookup.entry.*;;
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GenericServer { // If the HTTP server for classes is running on the // local machine, use this for the codebase localhost = ConfigUtil.getHostName(); port = "80"; directory = "/classes"; // codebase = http://"localhost":80/classes codebase = ConfigUtil.concat(new String[] { "http://", localhost, ":", port, directory } ); exporter = new BasicJeriExporter(TcpServerEndpoint.getInstance(0), new BasicILFactory()); /* Groups to join * Could be e.g. * groups = new String[] {"admin", "sales"}; */ groups = LookupDiscovery.ALL_GROUPS; /* Unicast lookup services */ unicastLocators = new LookupLocator[] { // empty }; /* Entries */ entries = new Entry[] {new Name("Jan Newmarch"), new Comment("Author of Jini book") }; /* Service ID file */ serviceIdFile = new File(""); /* The service */ service = new rmi.FileClassifierImpl(); } A server using such a configuration file could be as follows: package config; import net.jini.lookup.JoinManager; import net.jini.core.lookup.ServiceID; import net.jini.core.discovery.LookupLocator; import net.jini.core.entry.Entry; import net.jini.lookup.ServiceIDListener; import;
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import net.jini.discovery.LookupDiscoveryManager; import java.rmi.RMISecurityManager; import java.rmi.Remote; import net.jini.export.Exporter; import net.jini.core.lookup.ServiceID; import*; import net.jini.config.*; /** * */ public class GenericServer implements ServiceIDListener { private static final String SERVER = "GenericServer"; private Remote proxy; private Remote impl; private Exporter exporter; private String[] groups; private Entry[] entries; private LookupLocator[] unicastLocators; private File serviceIdFile; private String codebase; private ServiceID serviceID; public static void main(String args[]) { new GenericServer(args); // stay around forever Object keepAlive = new Object(); synchronized(keepAlive) { try { keepAlive.wait(); } catch(InterruptedException e) { // do nothing } } } public GenericServer(String[] args) { if (args.length == 0) { System.err.println("No configuration specified"); System.exit(1); } String[] configArgs = new String[] {args[0]}; getConfiguration(configArgs); // set codebase System.setProperty("java.rmi.manager.codebase", codebase); // export a service object try { proxy = exporter.export(impl); } catch(java.rmi.server.ExportException e) {
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