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Approaching Unknown Code
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The I Can t Understand the Code syndrome isn t solved with refactoring, but through a way of understanding the code when you re responsible for performing some maintenance or cleanup work. To be able to understand code that already works, and most likely you didn t write, is a major undertaking. Such a task should never be underestimated. It s possible to understand the code if you take your time and follow some steps. The purpose of the following steps is to provide a reproducible way of understanding code in different circumstances: 1. Install the sources on a computer and rebuild the sources yourself using a build process you created yourself. If this step is too complicated, then you can skip it, but the objective is to understand the build process, so you understand the dependencies, and thus you know the overall layout of the application. 2. Add your own scripts that test the functionality you want to modify. Writing your own test scripts gets you to understand how the types at the different levels interoperate with each other. 3. Run the tests scripts with the addition of tracer code. Tracer code helps you figure out what your code is doing and why.
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Each of these steps isn t used to improve the code, but to improve your understanding of the code. The first step defines the dependencies of the application with respect to assemblies, files, database connections, and other external pieces of information. The second step defines the dependencies of the components within the application. From the tests that are executed at the different levels, the dependencies of the various components become understandable. And the last step, tracer code, makes it possible to understand what the individual code pieces are doing.
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Tracer Code
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Tracer code is a topic that isn t discussed using that particular term. But change the code from tracer code to logging code, and then it s apparent what tracer code is. I don t like the term logging code because it implies code used for logging problems. Tracer code implies the development of code that traces what it s doing. Tracer code was discussed in 2, and the class Tracer demonstrated. When implementing tracer code, it should be distributed during runtime, but not active during normal operation. As illustrated with log4net, tracer code is activated by using either the info or debug levels. When writing tracer code, the debug level is most appropriate. The tracer code should perform tests and output messages indicating what the code is doing. Then if something goes wrong, a developer can inspect the logs to see what happened.
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Breaking Some Code
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Once the logs have been investigated, tests executed, and application built, the best way to know what is going on is to break some code. It s absolutely imperative to break code.5 Of course, before you break the code, it isn t executing from the main branch, but a local branch. The theory behind breaking code is that if you break code, you can see what your application does when things go wrong. Injecting executing errors into an application doesn t test the stability of an application. This is because you re causing the application to run in a disabled state. For example, imagine testing a car and removing one of the wheels. There is no real situation that can test if that car will behave properly, as cars aren t meant to be driven with three wheels. However, what can be tested in such a scenario is to see whether the car reacts in a way it should have. Injecting errors are bizarre situations that most developers have never encountered, and as such maybe bizarre things will happen in your application. There are two ways to break code. The first is to break the test scripts and make them do things that they shouldn t be doing. Maybe a configuration isn t properly instantiated, maybe a method call is made when it shouldn t be. The generated output of the tracer code should highlight where things went wrong. If it doesn t, then you know something isn t correct in the code. The second way to break code is to use the tests that work and modify the internal source code. Then what should have worked doesn t work, and the test scripts and tracer code should react appropriately. If there is improper behavior, then it can be inspected. Breaking code is useful for seeing what an application does because it s very similar to figuring out how a machine works by pushing some buttons. The only difference is that the
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5. Jeffrey M. Voas and Gary McGraw, Software Fault Injection: Inoculating Programs Against Errors (Indianapolis: Wiley Publishing, 1998).
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