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Using Oracle Software Packages
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The following are the important CDs that are part of the Oracle Enterprise Edition software CD pack: Oracle Database 11g CD: This is the only CD you ll need to install the Oracle Database 11g server software. Companion CD: This CD contains additional software that you may want to install for products like Oracle JVM, Oracle Multimedia, and Oracle Text. Oracle Database 11g Client CD: This CD contains the client software you may need to install on your users or developers servers. Oracle Enterprise Manager CD: This CD contains the Enterprise Manager Grid Control software, which lets you manage all the databases, servers, and other components from a centralized location. The local OEM Database Control is automatically installed when you create a new Oracle database.
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Caution Make sure you are logged in as the Oracle software owner, oracle, and not as root, when you perform the various installation procedures. Otherwise, your installation process will fail. There are only a couple of times during the installation process when you ll need to log in as root to perform certain tasks.
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In several versions of Linux and UNIX, the Oracle CDs load automatically, but sometimes you may have to use an explicit command, such as the following to mount the CD (make sure you log in as the root user to run these commands): $ umount /dev/cdrom $ mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom mount: block device /dev/cdrom is write-protected, mounting read-only $
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Your Oracle software CD is now mounted for your use, and you should see its files under the CD mount point, which is /mnt/cdrom in our case. You can move to the /mnt/cdrom directory to view the files on the CD, as shown here: $ cd /mnt/cdrom $ ls doc install response
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The runInstaller file is the executable you must run to invoke the Oracle Universal Installer, which helps you install the Oracle server software.
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In the installation example that follows, I used the Linux x86 specific Oracle Database 11g version 11.1
Downloading Oracle Software
The Oracle software download site ( gives clear instructions on how to download and install the software on various operating systems. Once you download the software, you usually need to use either the gunzip (gzip) utility on UNIX and Linux systems or the WinZip utility on Windows to unzip the compressed installation files before you can install the software. Here s a brief summary of the Oracle software downloading process: First download the zipped Linux x86 file by FTP. The file name is ship.db.cpio.gz. Once the file is downloaded, the following two steps will extract the software files. The following command unzips the original ship.db.cpio.gz file that I downloaded: $ gunzip ship.db.cpio.gz The next command extracts the installation files: $ cpio -idmv < ship.db.cpio Once you have extracted the zipped file, you ll see a new directory named Disk1, which is created as a subdirectory in the directory from which you extracted the zipped file. The Disk1 directory contains several directories and one binary file, runInstaller, which is the executable for invoking the Oracle Universal Installer. You can use the runInstaller script and invoke the Oracle Universal Installer not just for the initial installation of the Oracle Database 11g software, but also for modifications and additions to the initial software configuration. Ensure your system administrator is nearby, because you may need help with setting the DISPLAY variable for the installer GUI, or you may run into unforeseen space or file privilege problems. You ll also need the administrator to run the script (discussed in the next section) as the root user, toward the end of the installation process.
Make sure you have enough space in the temporary directory, as the Oracle installer creates a lot of files in this directory. Your installation may stop in the middle, and you ll have to restart it if this happens. About 400MB to 500MB of space in the /tmp directory should be available for the Oracle installer s use during the installation process.
You can install the Oracle software in the following ways: Install directly from the Oracle product CDs. Install from software downloaded from the OTN site. Copy the software from the product CDs to disk, and install it from disk.
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