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compile-time enforcement 180 example of 180 limitations 183 compiling source directories See -sourceroots option, ajc 441 source files 441 concerns banking example 7 composition of 8 core See core concerns 4 crosscutting See crosscutting concern 4 definition of 7 identification 8 implementation 21 process concerns 7 role in software system 7 separation See separation of concerns 8 tangling 7 concern-specific checked exceptions 260 concern-specific exception authentication, use in 335 concern-specific runtime exception generic runtime exception, vs. 266 concrete aspect authorization example 349 concrete subaspect participant pattern 274 concurrency utility library 316 conditional check pointcut 80 configuration file authorization, role in 338 example of 330, specifying using 332 connection object transaction context, as 368 consistency transaction, and 357 consistent logging importance of 155 consistent naming convention 98
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importance of 429 example of 199 constructor join point 46 call 46 execution 46 execution vs. call 47 pointcut syntax 74 constructor signature 70 example of 72 similarity with method signature 71 use of .. wildcard 70 context 87 context collection after returning advice 84 example of 220 after throwing advice 84 85 business rules, need in 395 caching, example of 92 collecting field set value 80 collecting return value 84, 89 collection exception object 80, 84 85, 89 example of 40 transaction management, example of 384 using anonymous pointcut 87 88 using args pointcut 80, 87 using named pointcut 88 using target pointcut 78, 87 using this pointcut 78, 87 control-flow concepts 75 conceptual object 128 thread of execution, and 128 transaction management 368 369 control-flow association transaction management, example of 370 control-flow-based pointcut 75 example of 75 conventional authorization issues 345 conventional logging 149 consistency 155 graphical illustration 155 invasiveness 155
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issues 154 shortcomings 154 conventional profiling 175 conventional resource pooling code snippet 212 conventional transaction management committing at the top level 367 disadvantages of 368 passing the connection around 365 using thread-specific storage 367 convincing management 435 organization 434 team 436 core business logic banking system, example of 396 definition of 392 modular nature 392 stable nature 392 core concern 4 capturing functionality 7 consistent naming convention 429 design phase 428 implementation of 30 implementation phase 429 refactored code, importance of 429 relativity 21 coupling database connection pooling, and 211 credentials authorization, checking for 336 crosscutting high-level example 37 implementing using AspectJ 36 37 viewing in ajbrowser 60 viewing in an IDE 61 crosscutting concern business rules, example of 393 capturing functionality 7 client-side modularization 11
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definition of 4 design phase 428 design/implementation mismatch 15 enterprise example 7 implementation 430 designing aspects 430 join point identification 430 underlying technology, choosing 430 logging 154 modularization using AOP 12 modularization using OOP 11 need for additional methods 15 OOP shortcomings 4 pseudo code example 14 recognizing 428 rule of thumb 428 server-side modularization 11 tangling of data members 15 tangling of multiple concerns 15 transaction management, example of 357 weaving 13 cryptography 324
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-d ajc option 440 data introduction example of 121 See member introduction 95 database connection identifying 216 resource pooling, and 204 database connection pool capacity 217 implementation of 216 SimpleDBConnectionPool 21 7 timeout 217 database connection pooling aspect 211 223
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changing pool implementation 215 fine tuning 222 registering connection, need for 213 resource creation join point 214 resource destruction join point 214 resource pooling template, mapping to 213 selective enabling 222 DatabaseHelper 358 data-driven authorization 352 EJB, and 325 DBConnectionDescription 216 DBConnectionPool 212 DBConnectionPoolingAspect 2 14 deadlocks 287 declarative form, EJB transaction management 357 declare error 97 policy enforcement example of 186 187, 192, 195 transaction management example 374 declare parents 96 example of 97 Java inheritance rules 97 restrictions 97 declare precedence 115 abstract aspects 115, 119 circular dependency 117 enforcement usage 117 common usage idiom 117 dominating all aspects 116 example of 115, 269 example of multiple types 116 logging, example of 220, 332, 363, 408 subordinating all aspects 116 Swing thread safety, example of 302 syntax 115 use in logging 328 wildcard, using 116 declare soft example of 319, 371
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exception introduction pattern, vs. 335 SQLException, example of 361 syntax 137 declare warning 97 best practices, use in 190 example of 180 policy enforcement example of 186 transaction management example 374 decorator design pattern 246 default association instance creation transaction management example 382 default interface implementation 281 285 overriding 284 partial 284 multiple inheritance 284 providing, idiom 281 DefaultTableModel 196 DelegatingThread 226 implementation of 227 need for 226 delegation pattern 282 deployment policy enforcement 185 -deprecation ajc option 440 design bloat 6 limitations of techniques 6 realization in hindsight 5 design pattern definition of 246 idiom, difference 246 language specificity, and 246 object-oriented decorator 246 factory 246 visitor 246 problem scope, and 246 relationship with AOP 30 use in design phase 430 design phase AspectJ, using 428 core concern implementation 428
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