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if we got it right. And then, after that, it s we re going to go ahead and build what you told us you wanted now, then you can verify that we built what we all agreed on. And you can do it for whatever size of iteration you choose, just for those use cases that you re planning to implement. It works for both small projects and large ones, and for large and small chunks of functionality within an iteration. There s no confusion about the requirements because everything is written down, and the design traces directly back to the behavior requirements, which can then be used to generate acceptance test plans. What a relief to find a simple and straightforward process that is both minimal and sufficient, said Alice. Avoiding analysis paralysis without skipping analysis is possible after all. You can learn a lot in dreams, sometimes, she reflected thoughtfully. Now if only someone would build a plug-in to RUP that would let my entire project follow this process Alice mused.
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And the Moral of That Is
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I quite agree with you, said the Duchess. And the moral of that is, Be what you would seem to be or, if you d like it put more simply, Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise. I think I should understand that better, Alice said very politely, if I had it written down; but I can t quite follow it as you say it. That s nothing to what I could say if I chose, the Duchess replied, in a pleased tone. Pray don t trouble yourself to say it any longer than that, said Alice.
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Twas Brillig and the Slithy Tests
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Suddenly Alice, who was puzzling over the meaning of strange words like YAGNI and refactoring , and trying very hard to imagine what a wooden timebox might look like, found herself on the edge of a very slippery slope, and completely lost her footing. And before she knew it she had slid halfway down the hill! When she sat up, she found herself face to face with a large (but rather cute and friendly looking) snake. Have a nice trip said Fangs. The footing is sometimes a bit manxome around here, especially around brillig when the ssssun gets in your eyes. But I m frabjously glad that you seem to be uninjured. he said. Perhapsss you should consssider increasing your coefficient of agility. , he mused, darting out his bifurcated tongue. You seem very clever at using words, Sir" said Alice. "Would you tell me the meaning of the poem called 'Beware the Agile Hype Let sss hear it , said Fangs. I can explain all the agile poemsss that ever were invented -- and a good many that haven't been invented jussst yet.
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This sounded very hopeful, so Alice repeated the first verse:
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T was brillig when the YAGNI d code did build itself ten times a day. All flimsy were the index cards, designs refactored clear away.
That sss enough to begin with, Fangs interrupted. There are plenty of hard words there. Brillig means four o clock in the afternoon -- the time you begin broiling things for dinner. That ll do very well, said Alice. And YAGNI What s YAGNI d code You Aren t Going To Need It , said Fangs. How do I know I won t need it if I don t know what it is Fangs screwed his eyes shut. No YAGNI! YAGNI! YAGNI! What are you doing Alice asked, concerned. Are you quite alright Oh, it sss perfectly okay, the slippery-slope serpent replied, opening his eyes to narrow slits. You sssee, YAGNI is what I repeat when I want to avoid thinking. You mean YAGNI is an excuse for developers not to think asked Alice, surprised by her own insight. I shouldn t have thought to sssay it like that, he said, giving her a venomous look. And what about code building itself ten times a day Whyever should it want to do such a thing You can t do consssstant rrrefactoring without an automated build processss, the snake hissed, getting into its (legs-free) stride. Alice remembered that refactoring means to rewrite code that s already finished. So the code has to rebuild itself in order to be rewritten How else could the code be rewritten, if not rebuilt after refactoring I see, said Alice, not wanting to be rude - though she really didn t see. And anyway, wouldn t all that rewriting of finished code introduce vexatious problems We guard againsst vexatiousss problemsss with regressssion testsss, the snake hissed, its tongue tying into a knot of circular logic. So for every line of code you rewrite, you have to write a test asked Alice, who thought the idea more absurd than the idea of unemployment checks creating jobs.1 But surely the code actually does things How can you keep re-running the tests without breaking something For continuousss tesssting we have mock objectsss. They keep the code from actually doing anything ussseful. And of course you can t tell the mock objectsss without an index card. Wouldn t that require a mock index card Alice retorted. And how does that work, anyway I can t go into detail now, but I promise to tell you later. What do you mean asked Alice, whose brain was beginning to hurt. Now it s later so I can tell you. You write a ssstory on an index card, but unlike a real story it has no details. It isss just a promise for a future conversssation with the cussstomer. But what if the customer isn t around then Why not write down the details while he s there The serpent shook its head. You poor, ignorant child, that would involve asking the customer to make up his mind, and we cannot demand such commitmentsss from our cussstomersss, or we would be deemed impertinent. Not only that but if the cussstomer made up his mind then the project might
Special thanks to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for providing us with a notion just as ridiculous as the idea of writing a test for every line of code so that you can rewrite the code (and rewrite each test, of course):
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