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3GP and 3GPP
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3GP (the 3GPP file format) is a simplified version of the MPEG-4 format. It is designed to optimize video content for mobile devices, and built specifically to accommodate low bandwidths and little storage. 3GP is based on MPEG-4 and H.263 video and AAC or AMR audio. It is a supported by many mobile devices. The file extension is either .3gp for GSM-based phones or .3g2 for CDMA-based phones.
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F4A and F4B
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Flash Player 9 and above support F4A and F4B audio. The format is nothing more than an MP4 audio file; F4A refers an audio file while F4B stands for an audio book. The reason the format exists is to bridge and avoid compatibility issues between different platforms such as Adobe Flash Player, QuickTime, iPod, and so forth.
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M4V and M4A
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Flash Player 9 Update 3 and above support M4V and M4A. While MP4 is the official extension, Apple introduced M4V and M4A formats, which are the standard file formats for videos and audio for iTunes, iPod, and PlayStation portables. M4V and M4A file formats are identical to MP4 and can be renamed to MP4. M4V stands for video while M4A is the audio layer of MP4 movies. Note that M4V files contain DRM and the purchasing user s information. You can use Requiem ( to remove the DRM. Why did Apple create this format The different file extension allows associating the file type with iTunes, so when you double-click the file, iTunes opens if it s installed. M4V files are often used for movies, TV episodes, and music videos.
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Encoding Video for Flash Applications
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Encoding videos for compression is a challenge as the compression process needs to maintain the video quality and bit rate, while decreasing the file size. And there are other factors to consider, such as seeking, encoding, and decoding algorithms, as well as resistance to data loss and errors.
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The bitrate (in the context of video files) means the number of bits that are processed or transferred per second. The unit is bps or bit/s (bits per second).
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The software that handles the compression of video files is called a video codec. The goal is to deliver faster videos for web, desktop, and mobile applications. The key is to find that delicate balance between compression, bitrate, quality, and data lossiness, which is fundamental to a good user experience, while taking into account hardware characteristics and limited bandwidth. Additionally, there are cases, such as on some mobile devices, where users pay a per-increment charge for data they download, so there is an immediate disincentive if applications overuse bandwidth. Out of the box, Flash 10 supports dynamic bitrate switching using the play2 method in NetStream. The key to bitrate switching is to have a variety of profiles so you can switch to a different video file if the user s bandwidth decreases. You can create many different bitrate profiles and later, when you have checked the user s bandwidth, decide which profile to use. Many online video file storage services offer the ability to load a video file and encode the files to the different bitrate sizes automatically. Here are some common video and audio bitrate profiles. Video quality:
Lowest (minimum needed to see moving images): 16 Kbps Medium (video conferencing): 128 384 Kbps VCD: 1.25 Mbps DVD: 5 Mbps
HD TV: 15 Mbps HD DVD: 36 Mbps Blue-ray Disc: 54 Mbps
Audio quality:
Lowest (telephone): 8 Kbps Low (AM): 32 Kbps Medium (FM): 96 Kbps Standard Bitrate: 128 160 Kbps Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB): 192 Kbps High (VBR to highest MP3): 224 320 Kbps Speech (minimum necessary for recognizable speech): 800 Kbps Lossless audio: 500 1,411 Kbps Highest (PCM sound format of Compact Disc Digital Audio): 1,411.2 Kbps
For example, delivering a compelling video and audio experience to mobile devices requires placing the highest priority on compression, which means lossy data compression (sometimes very lossy). On the other hand, delivering video or audio on the desktop can use lossless data compression and high quality since the user has more resources and the files can be installed locally. For best results, always begin the encoding process with raw files because repetitive compression can destroy the integrity of video imagery.
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