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Creating multiplayer games are an important but vast and complex topic. This type of game development spans numerous technologies on many different platforms and requires a lot of knowledge about networking. I strategically avoided multiplayer games in this book to put the focus on essential, core gamedesign techniques. However, you will inevitably want to start making online multiplayer games at some point the temptation is just too compelling. So, let me help you out by pointing the way to some useful resources. First, you ll need to install a multiplayer socket server. Here are some commercial servers that work especially well with Flash: ElectroServer ( SmartFoxServer ( dimeRocker ( Adobe Flash Media Server ( These servers are specialized for Flash games, but each has different strengths and weaknesses, so research them carefully before jumping in. They re all very powerful, robust products that can handle tens of thousands of simultaneous connections. If you don t want or need to spend money on a commercial socket server and want to try something new, you can write your own. You ll need to learn a bit of Java, but as it s very closely related to AS3.0, that won t be a major hurdle. A good place to start is this tutorial ( 20080320/en). It will show you how to write a Flash chat application using a Java socket server.
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There are many excellent books available to help inspire you further. Here are a few that I recommend: The Essential Guide to Flash Games: Building Interactive Entertainment with ActionScript by Jeff Fulton and Steve Fulton (friends of ED, 2010) provides a detailed and comprehensive look at the making of ten complete Flash games, from the ground up. It offers unparalleled insight into building professional Flash games, and is a perfect complement to this book. Foundation ActionScript 3.0 Animation: Making Things Move (friends of ED, 2007) and AdvancED ActionScript 3.0 Animation (friends of ED, 2008) by Keith Peters are both rich resources of scripted animation, math, and AI algorithms that are usable for all types of games. AdvancED ActionScript 3.0 Animation has a chapter on building isometric (pseudo 3D) environments for tile-based games and another on AI steering behaviors. Real Time Collision Detection by Christer Ericson (Morgan Kaufmann, 2005) is the final word on collision detection for 2D and 3D games. This textbook-style book is quite math-heavy, but oh, what wonderful math it is! The sample code is written in C++, but since it s a close cousin of ActionScript, you should have no difficultly comprehending it. If you just need to implement a BSP tree in your next game, you ll find out how to do it here.
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Where you go from here is entirely up to you. You now have all the skills you need to start making some amazing Flash games. The rest is just practice, experimentation, and most of all imagination. Flash game designers tend to be independent developers working alone or in a small team. How can a lone video game designer with a tiny budget compete with the likes of Electronic Arts, Activision, or Ubisoft, all of whom employ thousands and have Hollywood-sized budgets The answer is that great game design is not about technology. It s about ideas. Just one original game idea can completely transform the industry. Video games are such a relatively new medium that the best game ideas just haven t been thought of yet. What could they be, and who will come up with them The Bachs, Picassos, and Shakespeares of the game world have yet to make their mark. But you can be sure that they will come from the ranks of independent game designers, and there s no reason why you can t be one of them.
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