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In the implementation of GetTaskManager, the association of a client to a cookie to a task manager is very simple because ASP.NET has the session object HttpSessionState. The session object instance is retrieved by using the property context.Session, and it is necessary to test whether the session object instance exists. If the session object instance does not exist, a null value is returned. Attempting to reference a session with a null value will result in an exception. To retrieve the task manager instance, the session object indexer session["taskmanager"] is used. For those readers who do not code in .NET, an indexer behaves like an array reference, but is implemented as an operator by the type. The task manager can be associated to the session, meaning that there is an association to the cookie. The tasks executed and managed by the task manager, though, should be managed by the application state in ASP.NET. The task manager associated with the session can also reference the task, but it is important that the application state be included as a reference. Not doing so would result in tasks that are accessible only by the cookie associated with a user. When the session indexer returns a task manager instance, it is explicitly assigned to the variable obi, which is of the type object. When the task manager instance is referenced from the session object for the first time, the variable obj will be a null value. The reason is obvious: it is impossible to reference an instance if the instance has not been allocated. If a typecast were performed on a null object instance, an exception would be generated. A way to get around the typecast problem in .NET is to use the as operator, although that was not used in this example. An explicit test for a null object instance was used in this example. If the obj instance is not a null value, it can be typecast to the variable taskManager. If the object instance is a null value, a new task manager instance (new TaskManagerImpl()) needs to be instantiated E B V N and associated with the session object instance. The last action of GetTaskManager is to return a task manager instance. Getting back to the PrimeNumberHandler.ProcessRequest method, after the task manager instance has been retrieved, a decision block is executed. The decision block is used to test whether the HTTP request is sending or retrieving data. The if statement is a decision to retrieve data, and the HTTP method GET is tested by using the property HttpMethod. The else if statement is a decision for sending, and the property HttpMethod is tested for the HTTP method POST or PUT. Sending Tasks If the data is being sent to the server, that means an XML document with the Action tag is being sent. The server would need to convert the XML document into a .NET class instance populated with the content from the XML document. With a valid class instance, the server can start a task. The implementation of the HTTP POST or PUT part of the decision block from PrimeNumberHandler is as follows: else if (context.Request.HttpMethod.CompareTo("PUT") == 0 || context.Request.HttpMethod.CompareTo("POST") == 0) { ActionData data = Serializer.Parse( context.Request.InputStream); taskManager.AddTask( new Calculator( data.Number, data.TransactionIdentifier)); taskManager.RunThreadedTasks(); }
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In the implementation, the XML document is converted to a .NET instance by using the method Serializer.Parse. This custom method implementation converts the XML document contained in the HTML stream (context.Request.InputStream) into a .NET class instance. The deserialization details are beyond the scope of this book and will be kept as an abstract action. The deserialization instantiates the type ActionData, which is the data used by the task Calculator. The task Calculator is added to the list of tasks to be executed by using the method taskManager. AddTask. To run the task, the method taskManager.RunThreadedTasks is called. When the method RunThreadedTasks is executed, a background thread is started that will execute any task that has been added via the method AddTask. The background thread is started by the HTTP request but does not belong to the request. After the method RunThreadedTasks has been called, the client returns immediately without sending any data as a response, as is expected. What is not explicitly outlined but must be possible is the running of background tasks or threads on the HTTP server that is not associated with a request. Additionally, if the thread is run in the background, the server should not keep an HTTP connection open. Otherwise, unnecessary resources will be wasted. If the HTTP server were to freeze or force the exit of the background thread, the Persistent Communications pattern could not be implemented. When it is not possible to run a background thread, the solution would be to use an interprocess calling mechanism that calls a server waiting for requests. The downside to the interprocess calling mechanism is that a server process has to be created that waits for requests to be made. Retrieving Results
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E B V N result. In the contract section, the client expects to receive an XML document. The XML document
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can contain a single node, or if a result is returned, the PrimeNumber tag is expected. The implementation of retrieving a result is illustrated as follows: if (context.Request.HttpMethod.CompareTo("GET") == 0) { IResult result = taskManager.GetResultWait(10); context.Response.ContentType = "text/xml"; if (result != null) { context.Response.Output.Write( Serializer.Generate((PrimeNumberData)result)); } else { context.Response.Output.Write("<result>none</result>"); } }
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If the client makes a request, an HTTP GET is executed, and the client expects to retrieve a generated
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The act of retrieving a result is straightforward. The method taskManager.GetResultWait is called with a parameter value of 10. The value 10 indicates to wait 10 seconds if there is no available result. The wait is part of the Persistent Communications pattern in that the server uses a signal to wait for an answer. The result that is returned is assigned to the variable result. If result is not null (indicating a retrieved result), an XML document is generated by using the method call Serializer.Generate. If the result is null, an empty document <result>...</result> is generated.
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