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Part of your overall preparation should include some form of training. This training can come in various forms such as training books, classroom training, and online training; or, in the cases just mentioned, on-the-job training. Other sources of training would include seminars or conferences. No matter what training medium you choose, it is vital that you get started. Even current DBAs have an ongoing training regime in place, so it is to your benefit to start getting into a similar habit. Start reading some web sites on a daily basis. Look for some recommended books. Set aside time in each day that you use strictly for training purposes. And if you are looking for the most valuable training method in order to expedite your own learning curve, then I have one word for you: teach. If you truly want to learn a topic or subject, then try to teach it to someone else. Take some aspect of database administration, perhaps indexes, and try to explain how they work to someone else. You will find that the more you are asked to teach, the more indepth knowledge you will acquire, and the better you will become. I have often been asked by people about what type of degree they should consider getting if they want to become a DBA. I will simply say that your degree does not matter as much as you might think. In general, your degree is simply a measure of work, nothing more. And all the education in the world matters very little unless you also have motivation. When you combine an education with motivation, then you truly have a powerful force.
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Get Certified
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A lot has been written about the value of certifications. I believe that certifications have a place in communicating your overall value for others to see. I do not believe that certifications tell the complete story about who you are or your abilities. If you believe that focusing on obtaining certifications is going to be your key to landing a DBA job quickly, you may be surprised to find out that many people will not hire you based solely on your certifications. If you are able to combine certifications with some level of relevant work experience, then you are going to find more doors opened than just having certifications without any relevant work experience.
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CHAPTER 1: How Did I Get Here
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The trouble with certifications is that many companies offer boot camps where you can spend one or two weeks and walk away certified in a particular piece of technology. The reason this is a problem is that it cheapens the certifications earned by others. This makes it difficult for potential employers to know if your certification represents your actual knowledge or if it represents your knowledge after two weeks of dedicated training that you have mostly forgotten by now. TIP: Certification and experience are a powerful combination, similar to when you combine an education with motivation. Also keep in mind that there are many people out there that are good enough to be certified but never bother to take the exams. In fact, most people only take the exams as a stepping stone to something else. If a person believes they have nowhere else to step, why would they bother taking the exam In other words, not being certified does not necessarily hurt you, providing you have some experience to back up your credentials. But for people that don t have requisite experience, they may look to get certified. Potential employers weigh this when they meet with candidates. My advice would be to gain some experience first and get certified second. Doing it the other way around may raise a red flag. And you would not want to invest a lot of time and money into something that will not pay off until after you find the job you were hoping the certification itself would help you find, right You might as well invest your time in finding ways to get real-world experience first.
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Now Go and Get Your Opportunity!
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You ve gotten prepared, you have some experience, and you have some training and possibly even a certification. Now is the time to go and find yourself a job as a DBA, right Well, not exactly. See, the time to get started on finding a DBA job is not after you have all these things, it is before you have them. Do not wait until you think you have all the necessary skills; you may never be comfortable enough with your skills to think that anyone would want to hire you as a DBA. Instead, start looking for work right away. Most jobs are found through networking with friends and family. Start letting people know you are looking for a job as a DBA as soon as you know that you want to have such a job. Why Because a proper job search can take months. In between the time you get a proper job search started and the time you finally get your opportunity, you will be able to get the experience and training necessary to hit the ground running. Start talking with people. Tell then what you are looking for. Tell them what you want to do. You may find that those opportunities already exist right where you are. And if not, then at least you are planting seeds in the back of people s minds. The idea is that they may come across an opportunity that you might be interested in, and you want them to think of you when they do. And the only way for them to know you are interested is to tell them.
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