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Client applications manage the security. Custom code used in reports must have permission to access the file system or network. For example, if your report is trying to read data from an XML file over a network, the application account must have proper rights to access that network.
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s Note RS has the same user interface in both VS and SQL Server. Client-side reports deploy as part of
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client applications; there s no need for a SQL Server license to use RS in VS.
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Server-Side Reporting Architecture
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This book is about client-side reporting, so why look at server-side reporting architecture It is good to know both sides of the technology. Imagine if you need to port some of your client-side reports to the server-side Also, it is interesting to make a contrast here, to better understand the client-side architecture by looking at the server-side counterpart. Figure 1-2 shows the server-side reporting architecture.
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Figure 1-2. Server-side reporting architecture There are a few differences between how the report gets produced by client-side and server-side RS architecture. Let s start with data. We can only report on data that is accessible through the reporting server, as opposed to getting everything that ADO.NET can bring for client-side reporting. The report server publishes the report on the server side. ReportViewer manages user input to parameters on the server side; for a client-side report, you ll need custom user interface (UI) code. All export formats are supported by RS on the server side, including Excel, PDF, and MHTML. Client-side RS only supports Excel and PDF formats.
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People look at reports in a different ways, so a single report can have a different impact on various people. For example, a student progress report can say a lot to parents about a child s performance. On the other hand, the same report can help the school principal check the performance of teachers.
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In almost all organizations, reporting perspectives vary in a hierarchical way. Executives mostly focus on summaries that help them decide about finances and future directions. Linelevel managers and workers care about various details. Informed decision making is important at all levels within an organization, and easy access to accurate information is also essential. It is of the utmost importance that developers understand both their users and their users information needs, so they can design and produce effective reports. It s not possible to describe every potential report user. However, a few generic classifications of the business-reporting audience are useful.
Developing reports to satisfy the needs of customers is a huge challenge. Customers come in various classifications, from one-time buyers to those who appear in a company s top ten list based on their sales volume. Trust me; both are easy to manage with a client-side reporting solution. You can easily develop a Sales Invoice report for one-time customers and an aged receivables report to track unpaid invoices for your regular customers. You ve probably heard the term business-to-consumer (B2C). So, how can client-side reporting communicate valuable information from business to consumers Well, a common example is an Order Status report hosted on a corporate ASP .NET site to let customers track the shipping status of their orders. Client-side reporting technology can help you develop reports to provide both current and historical information on demand to the customer. You can deliver reports through a web interface, e-mail, or mobile connectivity to improve the customer experience.
Consumers deal with vendors primarily for two reasons: to buy a product or a service. This is often called business-to-business (B2B) communication. Client-side reporting supports both types of activities. Vendors interact with businesses in different ways, according to the need. For example, you could develop a Stock Reorder report or a Fast-Moving Items report to share your stock consumption information for better handling of stock procurement. The trend to automate business transactions is a common practice. For example, an automated Purchase Orders report can feed into a vendor s order system to speed up the purchasing process. Although business transactions carry lot of challenges, a properly done report can improve the interactivity among business and vendor partners.
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