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* cascade="none" * not-null="true" */ public User getSeller() { return seller; }
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For the one side of the association, we may omit the class of the referenced entity; it s implicit from the property s type. We now have both ends of the association mapped and can continue generating the XML files that is, run XDoclet.
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9.5.3 Running XDoclet
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Generating mapping files with XDoclet is easy, because it s available as an Ant task. As always, we first have to declare the new task in the Ant build.xml:
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<taskdef name="hibernatedoclet" classname="xdoclet.modules.hibernate.HibernateDocletTask" classpathref="class.path"/>
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The classpath for this task should include xdoclet-X.X.X.jar, xdoclet-hibernatemodule-X.X.X.jar, xdoclet-xdoclet-module-X.X.X.jar, and xjavadoc-X.X.X.jar. These libraries are all in the XDoclet main distribution, as are several required third-party libraries, such as commons-lang.jar, commons-collections.jar, and commons-logging.jar. The Hibernate library (and its third-party libraries) aren t required by the XDoclet process. The next step is to include the task we defined in the target we ll call. We use a new target called xdoclet, as shown here:
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<target name="xdoclet"> <hibernatedoclet destdir="mappings/" excludedtags="@version,@author,@todo" force="true" mergedir="merge/"> <fileset dir="src"> <include name="**/org/hibernate/auction/*.java"/> </fileset> <hibernate version="2.0"/> </hibernatedoclet> </target>
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First, the destdir attribute defines the target directory for the generated mapping files. We exclude the standard Javadoc tags from the generation process, and force a processing of Java source files each time XDoclet runs (otherwise, only mappings
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Using the toolset
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for updated source files would be generated). The mergedir can be used to automatically include user-defined mappings in the generated files. Next, all Java source files in the directory src and subdirectory (package) are checked for XDoclet tags. Finally, we switch the XDoclet Hibernate module to Hibernate2, otherwise XDoclet generates Hibernate 1.x mapping descriptors. XDoclet for Hibernate metadata generation has an impact on the development environment and how a team of developers works together. You should be aware of the consequences. The mergedir setting of the Ant task helps if you have to implement exceptional cases specific to your development environment and process. If you place a file named hibernate-properties-class.xml in the mergedir, its contents will be added to the mapping file of the class. This allows you to use additional mappings, separated from the XDoclet-tagged Java source. One final word about XDoclet: You may be tempted to use it in all situations, even if it isn t appropriate. XDoclet with Hibernate is best suited for clean-room top-down development, but it may not be the best tool if you have to work with an existing database schema. It s especially difficult and even impossible in some cases to map composite key structures and certain ternary associations with XDoclet tags. However, most class, property, and association mappings can be declared easily.
9.6 Summary
Sometimes the development process is fixed: With legacy databases, you can only start from an existing schema, and you ll usually want to automatically generate POJO classes that represent your data model. You use hbm2java to generate Java source code from Hibernate mapping metadata. This metadata can also be automatically generated from an existing database schema with Middlegen, thus completing the bottom-up development process. If you re working from the top down, you start with POJO persistent classes. Instead of manually creating the mapping metadata and the database schema for these classes, you mark up your source with custom Javadoc tags and generate Hibernate mapping files with XDoclet. The Hibernate tool hbm2ddl creates SQL files with DDL from Hibernate mapping metadata, completing the top-down development process. If you use the Hibernate toolset (and open source projects such as AndroMDA, Middlegen, and XDoclet), you always have to be aware of conceptual limitations:
A fully automated, perfect generation of either POJO classes or mapping metadata, no matter from what source, isn t possible. You always have to customize the generation process or modify the end result manually. This isn t a limitation of the tools, which we consider quite capable, but a restriction that stems from the fact that not every detail can be extracted from each source. One exception is the top-down approach (hence its popularity): With POJO classes and mapping metadata in place, you can generate an SQL DDL script with hbm2ddl. In our experience, this script is (almost) as good as any hand-coded schema declaration. It s a good idea to start learning Hibernate without any of the tools. The goal of the tools is to relieve you from having to perform the repetitive tasks that will occur when you work with Hibernate in a project. This is different from a graphical mapping workbench or other such gimmick, which may help at first but slow you down later. Take the time to learn the basics, and then double your speed with the tools.
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