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The chart can be displayed with a horizontal or a vertical orientation. The
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createBarChart3D() method takes a PlotOrientation object. The values are available as either the HORIZONTAL or VERTICAL static variable on PlotOrientation. The
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chart may display a legend if needed. The tooltips on the chart are optional, as is URL generation. Both tooltips and URLs are used for HTML image maps, if the chart is clickable in a web browser. JFreeChart can also use the OverLIB ( web/overlib/) JavaScript library to generate tooltips for web images. You will need to include the JavaScript source file overlib.js in your portlet application output.
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Data for the 3D Bar Chart
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The 3D bar chart requires an object as its data source. The CategoryDataset class is an interface. We use the concrete implementation class to hold our data. For our purposes, the only method we need to use on the data set class is addValue(double value, Comparable rowKey, comparable columnKey). This method adds our numerical value to the data set, with the row key 2004 and the column key January , February , or March . The row and column keys refer to the data set s structure, not necessarily the way the chart is rendered. If we use more than one row key in a bar chart data set, we will get multiple bars for each category value. Each bar will have a different color. We could use this for a chart that visualizes monthly rainfall in different years, although other chart types (such as a line chart) would probably be better.
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Saving the Chart As a PNG Image File
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In our example, we export the chart to a PNG image file on our file system. The chart s filename is barchart3d.png, and will be created in the working directory for this Java application. The PNG image should load in most modern web browsers and image manipulation tools. The org.jfree.chart.ChartUtilities class provides methods for saving charts as JPEG or PNG images, writing JPEG or PNG to an input stream, and working with image maps:
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public static void saveChartAsPNG(File file, JFreeChart chart, int width, int height) throws
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The saveChartAsPNG() method we use in the SimpleChartDemo example creates a PNG image out of the chart with the width and height in pixels that we specified. The file does not have to exist before this method is called, and any existing files will be overwritten if the file system allows it.
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Charting with JFreeChart
3D Bar Chart Example Source Code
You can execute this charting example from the command line. Your classpath will need to include the libraries distributed with JFreeChart. With JFreeChart 0.9.17, this would be jcommon-0.9.2.jar, jfreechart-0.9.17.jar, log4j-1.2.8.jar, and gnujaxp.jar.
package com.portalbook.charting; import org.jfree.chart.ChartFactory; import org.jfree.chart.ChartUtilities; import org.jfree.chart.JFreeChart; import org.jfree.chart.plot.PlotOrientation; import; import; import*; public class SimpleChartDemo { protected CategoryDataset createChartData() { DefaultCategoryDataset dataset = new DefaultCategoryDataset(); dataset.addValue(1.3, "2004", "January"); dataset.addValue(2.6, "2004", "February"); dataset.addValue(4.6, "2004", "March"); return dataset; } protected JFreeChart createBarChart3D(CategoryDataset dataset) { String title = "Weather in Austin, Texas"; JFreeChart chart = ChartFactory.createBarChart3D( title, "Months in 2004", "Number of Sunny Days", dataset,
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PlotOrientation.VERTICAL, true, false, false); return chart; } protected void saveChartAsPNG(JFreeChart chart) throws IOException { File file = new File("barchart3d.png"); ChartUtilities.saveChartAsPNG(file, chart, 400, 300); } public static void main(String[] args) { SimpleChartDemo demo = new SimpleChartDemo(); CategoryDataset dataset = demo.createChartData(); JFreeChart chart = demo.createBarChart3D(dataset); try { demo.saveChartAsPNG(chart); } catch (IOException e) { System.out.println(e.getMessage()); e.printStackTrace(); } } }
After this application runs, you should have a file called barchart3d.png in your working directory. Your output should be similar to that shown in Figure 14-7.
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Charting with JFreeChart
Figure 14-7. 3D bar chart from JFreeChart Most data sets will not be as simple to integrate as the data we used for our example. Your portlet application is responsible for populating the appropriate data set for your chart.
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