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Click the NetworkManager icon in the top panel of your Ubuntu Desktop. If your 3G device has been recognized, you should see a extra heading of Mobile Broadband, and under it New Mobile Broadband (GSM) connection, which you should click on to start the New Mobile Broadband Connection setup wizard. The three simple steps in this wizard are: Choose Your Provider s Country: This will probably be correctly set already, based on the regional and language choices you made when you installed Ubuntu, but check it anyway before you click Forward. Choose Your Provider: You should see a list of all the 3G providers operating in your country. Choose yours. In the unlikely event of your provider not being listed, you can enter the name manually. Click Forward.
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Figure 7-9. Ubuntu s mobile broadband connection wizard makes it straightforward to set up a 3G link. Choose Your Billing Plan: Several pre-set options will be shown in the Select your plan drop-down. For Vodafone UK, for example, the options are Contract, Prepaid, TopUp, and Go. The correct plan name for your 3G device should be there, but if it s not, there is an additional option of My plan is not listed, which will let you set the APN (Access Point Name) manually. (You will have to ask your provider for this information). Click Forward, check the settings, and click Apply.
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If you re within a 3G coverage area, your mobile broadband device should now make a connection, and all necessary settings such as IP address, gateway, and domain name servers should be automatically configured.
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Figure 7-10. Uh-oh. Now that you re set up with a high-speed mobile broadband connection, your boss will expect you to be hard at work wherever you are!
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Working with a Proxy Server
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Some networks in offices, schools, and universities require that you use a web proxy (often referred to as an HTTP proxy). A proxy is a server computer that provides additional security by providing a single portal to all web pages. It also helps speed up Internet access by storing frequently accessed pages. This means that if ten people request the same web page, there s no need to get the same ten pieces of data from the Internet. The proxy computer can send them its own copies. You ll need to speak to your system administrator to see whether your location uses a proxy. If it does, your administrator will most likely give you an address, which may take the form of a web address (a URL) or an IP address. When you have this information, follow these steps to configure the proxy: 1. 2. Open Network Proxy Preferences (System Preferences Network Proxy).
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On the Proxy Configuration tab, choose one of the three types of proxy configuration: By default, the Direct Internet Connection option is selected, meaning that network traffic is routed directly, without using a proxy. Manual Proxy Configuration enables you to set the proxy servers and respective ports for HTTP Proxy, Secure HTTP Proxy, FTP Proxy, and Socks Host. You can fill in this information based on the settings you received from your system administrator. If you were provided with one proxy for Internet access, select the Use the Same Proxy for All Protocols check box and fill in the details for the HTTP proxy and port, as shown in Figure 7-11. If your proxy uses authentication, click the Details button. In the HTTP Proxy Details dialog box, select the Use Authentication check box and then supply the username and password. Click the Close button. Automatic Proxy Configuration allows you to enter the link (URL) to discover the proxy settings at your location.
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On the Ignored Hosts tab, you can set the list of sites that will bypass the proxy. By default, any site hosted on your own computer is bypassed. You can add and remove sites as well. You normally add intranet (internal) web sites to this list. Click the Close button after you re finished making changes to the proxy settings.
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