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Tip To configure your audio input devices, such as a microphone, right-click the Speaker icon at the topright of the desktop and select Open Volume Control. Then click and drag the Microphone slider as necessary. You may need to unmute the input by removing the red cross next to the speaker icon below the microphone sliders.
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Figure 18-7. It s easy to install Skype under Ubuntu, and it works in almost exactly the same
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way as it does under Windows or Macintosh.
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This chapter has covered the audio functions built into Ubuntu and shown how, by downloading a few extra system files, you can play back the majority of audio files in existence. We started by discussing the moral and legal dilemmas associated with multimedia playback on a computer. Then we moved on to look at how to install the necessary codec files on your computer, before discussing how you can listen to music files, CDs, and online radio stations. We examined how you can convert CDs into music files, and then the inverse of this: how you can create CDs using audio files. Finally, we examined how you can install Skype on your computer. In 19, we ll look at playing back movies and online animations using Ubuntu. ean 128 reader
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Movies and Multimedia
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ovie playback is becoming increasingly popular on computers. Modern PCs come equipped with DVD-ROM drives, which, coupled with the right software, can play DVD movie discs. In addition, many web sites feature streaming movie clips or offer them for download. Ubuntu provides support for movie playback. As with audio playback (discussed in the previous chapter), you ll need to install additional codecs. And just as with audio playback codecs, multimedia applications suggest which movie playback codecs to download and install when you attempt to play unsupported multimedia files. This chapter explains how easy it is to set up Ubuntu for watching videos, DVDs, and TV on your computer, as well as playing web site Flash animations and videos.
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Like the other multimedia software provided with Ubuntu, its video playback application, Totem Movie Player, is basic but effective and does the job well. However, because of patenting issues, Totem doesn t support all video formats out of the box. In fact, it supports very few of those you might be used to using under Windows or Macintosh. If you wish to play back the most common video files, such as those listed in Table 19-1, you must install additional software. Video and audio playback within the Firefox web browser are handled via the Totem browser plug-in, in exactly the same way as the Windows Media Player and QuickTime browser plug-ins work under Windows. This is set up automatically during initial installation of Ubuntu and is also compatible with the GStreamer codec plug-ins once they are installed. However, when you try to retrieve streaming content, many web sites attempt to probe your setup to ensure you have the required media player software, and they balk when unable to find Windows Media Player or QuickTime. This makes playback difficult, although more and more sites are switching to video playback via Flash Player. Additionally, some web sites use Java applets to present content. You can install support for both Flash and Java through Firefox. generate gs1 128
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Table 19-1. Popular Movie File Formats
Windows Media Player 9
Typical File Extensions
.wmv, .wma, .asx, .asf
Web Site windows/windowsmedia
Windows Media Player format is the default for most Windows users. Although it s possible to play Windows Media Player files under Ubuntu (files in WMP1, WMP2, and WMP3 formats), you won t be able to play DRMrestricted files (those that rely on the download and installation of a certificate), such as those from the increasing number of movie rental sites. By downloading the GStreamer plug-in package when prompted, you can play back Real Video files in Totem. However, you can also download a Linux version of RealPlayer. QuickTime is Apple s default media format and has gained ground on both Windows and Macintosh computers. As with Windows Media Player file playback, you won t be able to play DRM-restricted files. The DivX format is one of the most popular formats for those in the Internet community who like to encode their own movies. It s renowned for its ability to shrink movies to very small sizes.
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