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As you can see from this output, you are able to view the progress of the test unit as it executes. Armed with this troubleshooting tool, you can monitor your long-running or short-running data processing or data migration programs. In practice, I ve even found this technique useful in some table package or TYPE methods that are called by the presentation layer. One example is when I worked with a table package that built SQL statements dynamically using information from the database, and then passed them back to the presentation layer. If a user got an error, we could see what SQL was passed back to his web page by looking in the debug table in the database. It didn t take long for us to figure out that we had some data-entry errors in the tables used to build the dynamic queries, but it would have been next to impossible to identify the problem in the presentation layer. As an alternative to debug logging, you may decide to use package SYS.DBMS_TRACE to trace the execution of a session to a file that you can later examine, line by line, or using a utility like TKPROF. However, I ve found that DBMS_TRACE creates too much information to be useful. With it, you have limited control of the volume of information collected. In contrast, with a debug logging utility, you determine what information is logged and when. Another alternative package you may want to investigate is SYS.DBMS_ERRLOG. With this package, you can write debug information to a table anytime an exception occurs in your PL/SQL program unit. I still find the use of my homegrown debug logging to be more useful. Debug logging is a good tool, but in some situations, a real debugging tool is more appropriate. Let s look at Oracle s debugger next.
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One Step at a Time
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After what seems an eternity, PL/SQL programmers now have a real, honest-to-goodness debugger. What s a debugger It allows you to step through your PL/SQL code as it executes, one step at a time, line by line, inspecting the value of variables, and seeing how your program executes your logic. It s a remote debugger remote in the fact that your PL/SQL program unit must be stored in the database, and it must be executable. By executable, I mean it must be a stored: function, procedure, or packaged function or procedure. So how did this revolution come about It started with a PL/SQL package called SYS.DBMS_ DEBUG. Oracle database PL/SQL package DBMS_DEBUG provides communication hooks into the PL/SQL debugger layer in the database. Using this package, you can build your own remote debugger, but it s much easier to use Oracle SQL Developer.
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Debugging with Oracle SQL Developer
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Oracle SQL Developer is a long overdue SQL and PL/SQL development tool for the Oracle database. You can download a free copy from the Oracle Technology Network site: http://otn. In the past, Oracle s Developer 2000 product had a tool called Procedure Builder, but it pretty much stunk up the place. Procedure Builder would allow you to debug client-side code, but not server-side code. Oracle SQL Developer not only provides an easy-to-use interface for creating SQL DDL and PL/SQL stored procedures, but it also has a built-in remote debugger! I m not going to give you a lesson on how to use Oracle SQL Developer here, because that would be a book in itself, but I will show you some highlights to debugging with it.
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Your first step in using a remote debugger with Oracle is to grant debugging rights to the username for which you intend to debug a stored program unit. That s done by the system administrator or DBA using the following syntax: grant debug connect session to <username>; grant debug any procedure to <username>; where <username> is the name of the user for which to grant the debug privileges. Your next step is to recompile the stored program units in question with the DEBUG option, using the appropriate syntax for the object type from the following list: alter alter alter alter alter alter alter alter function package package package procedure trigger type type <name> <name> <name> <name> <name> <name> <name> <name> compile compile compile compile compile compile compile compile debug; debug package; debug specification; debug body; debug; debug; debug specification; debug body;
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Alternatively, you can recompile the code from Oracle SQL Developer! Let me show you an example of debugging (of all things) the DEBUG_O TYPE and the DEBUG_OTS package. In this example, I ve already started Oracle SQL Developer and logged in to database ORA1012, where, incidentally, I have already granted debug connect session and debug any procedure rights to the username. In Figure 7-1, I used the tree view on the left side of the screen to drill down and select the BODY for TYPE DEBUG_O. From there, I right-clicked and chose Edit. That action displayed the tab DEBUG_O Body, where I subsequently added a breakpoint to the constructor. Next, I clicked the compile with debug icon. Just to prove a point, I then clicked the debug (ladybug) icon. Oracle SQL Developer responded with the message Source does not have a runnable target. See, I told you it had to be a function, procedure, or packaged procedure! That s doesn t mean we can t debug this item; it means we ll have to execute a runnable target to do so, which I ll get to shortly.
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