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automating deployment tasks Second, does your team share expertise in a particular IDE already Third, are you doing any thick-client development that requires a visual environment The answers to these questions should point you in the direction of a particular IDE. Three of the most common commercial IDEs used on J2EE projects are WebGain Studio (which includes Visual Caf), Borland s JBuilder, and IBM s Visual Age. WebGain Studio is a complete J2EE development environment that integrates best with BEA System s WebLogic application server. Visual Age is the obvious choice for development on IBM s WebSphere platform. If you have already decided on a commercial J2EE vendor, the best IDE to use is usually quite obvious. If you are using an open source server like JBoss or Enhydra, the most important feature of an IDE may be its ability to integrate with the Ant build tool described in the next section. Ant integration is currently available for Visual Age, JBuilder, and the NetBeansopen source IDE.
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Build tools Whether or not you choose to use an IDE, your project is likely to benefit from an automated build utility. Deploying J2EE components into their run-time environment involves compiling the components and their related classes, creating deployment descriptors, and packaging the components into JAR, WAR, or EAR files. All these files must have very specific structures and contents and be placed in a location accessible to the server. This whole packaging and deployment process is a complicated configuration task that lends itself to the use of a build tool. The build tool can be configured once and automate the build and deployment process for the lifetime of the component(s). The most significant and recent development in this area is the Antbuild tool, part of the Apache Software Foundation s Jakarta open source effort. Ant is a platform-independent make utility that uses an XML configuration file to execute tasks and build targets. Ant has a set of built-in tasks that perform common functions, such as compiling source files, invoking the JAR utility, and moving files. There are also a number of custom tasks available that extend Ant to provide specific types of functionality, such as creating EJB home and remote interfaces from an implementation source file and validating XML documents. One of the nicest things about Ant is its portability between operating systems. Your properly defined project will build on Windows and UNIX systems with very minor, if any, modifications to it. For a brief introduction and tutorial on Ant, please refer to appendix C. The latest information about Ant can be found at http:/ /
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The J2EE development process
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Source code control tools J2EE applications are almost always developed in a team environment. Team development requires a source code repository and versioning system to manage the shared code base during development. The Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) is an open source versioning system used widely throughout the industry. It is available for UNIX and Windows environments, and provides enough functionality to meet the needs of most J2EE development teams. More information about CVS can be found at http:/ / Teams needing tools that have vendor support or which are integrated into a particular IDE or methodology could choose a commercial tool instead. Such leading tools include Rational Software s Clear Case and Microsoft s Visual Source Safe. Another consideration in choosing a source control tool may be how you plan to implement problem tracking and integrate it with the management of your code base. More important than which tool you implement is the mere fact that you have one and use it. Testing tools Table 1.5 displays the major categories of testing that can be performed on your J2EE application and the intended goals of each. Note that the various testing types are known by different names to different people. This list is only a stake in the ground to frame our discussion of testing in section 1.3.
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