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The flow is straightforward. The CruiseControl runner application sits in a loop for a specified number of seconds, and when it s time the process kicks off the appropriate build target, either cleanbuild or masterbuild. Running a clean build every so often ensures that no previously generated build artifacts are interfering with the build results. The numbers in figure 16.2 represent the ordering of multiple dependencies on the cleanbuild and masterbuild targets.
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Clean build due
Figure 16.2 CruiseControl interactions with your build file. Primarily the masterbuild target is invoked, but periodically a clean build is done to ensure no leftovers interfere.
ModificationSet The heart of CruiseControl s capabilities is the modification set. The modificationset target in our build file executes the CruiseControl-provided Ant task <modificationset>. Nested within <modificationset> are nested elements providing your specific repository information. The <modificationset> task queries the repository for modifications since the last build, using the log command internally, for example, for a CVS repository. CruiseControl provides a lastBuildAttemptTime property that you must provide to <modificationset>. If no changes are found in the repository since that last build attempt, the <modificationset> task fails, which, in turn, causes the build to fail. This failure is a normal and routine condition only noticeable when watching the runner application console output. The <modificationset> task collects information in an XML file. If changes are detected since the last build attempt, the build continues. After a build has completed, successfully or otherwise, the XML-generated build log file, modification set results, and any other XML files specified in the CruiseControl configuration that are generated by your build, are collected into a single log XML file.
Our build file Listing 16.1 comprises our complete CruiseControl build file. Let s take a closer look at the details.
Listing 16.1 cruisecontrol.xml
<project name="AntBook - CruiseControl" default="masterbuild" basedir="."> <property file="" prefix="cruisecontrol"/> <property name="" location="${cruisecontrol.logDir}/testresults"/> <property environment="env"/> <!-- On Windows env.TEMP will already be set, so set it for Linux--> <property name="env.TEMP" location="/tmp"/> <!-- The next few lines of loading property files is copied from build.xml - perhaps entity reference include is warranted --> <property name="" location="${user.home}/"/> <!-- Load the application specific settings --> <property file=""/> <!-- Load user specific settings --> <property file="${}"/> <property name="root.dir" location="${env.TEMP}"/>
Gets access to our CC configuration
<!-- CVS Info --> <property name="cvs.username" value="${}"/> <property name="" value="localhost"/> <property name="cvs.root" value=":pserver:${cvs.username}@${}:/home/cvs/projects"/> <property name="cvs.passfile" value="../.cvspass"/> <property name="cvs.dir" location="${root.dir}"/> <property name="cvs.package" value="AntBook/app"/> <target name="init"> <mkdir dir="${root.dir}"/> <echoproperties/> </target> <target name="clean"> <echo>Cleaning build directory</echo> <delete dir="${root.dir}/AntBook/app"/> </target> <target name="modificationset" depends="init" description="Check modifications since last build"> <taskdef name="modificationset" classname="net.sourceforge.cruisecontrol.ModificationSet"
Defines our repository settings
classpath="lib/cruisecontrol/cruisecontrol.jar" /> <!-- set the CruiseControl timestamp when it is not defined --> <tstamp> <format property="lastBuildAttemptTime" pattern="yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss" Allows use outside CC s runner offset="-24" unit="hour" /> </tstamp> <echo> Checking for modifications since ${lastBuildAttemptTime} </echo> <modificationset lastbuild="${lastBuildAttemptTime}" quietperiod="60" dateformat="yyyy-MMM-dd HH:mm:ss"> <cvselement cvsroot="${cvs.root}" localworkingcopy="${root.dir}/${cvs.package}" /> </modificationset> </target> <target name="checkout" depends="init"> <cvs cvsRoot="${cvs.root}" dest="${root.dir}" package="${cvs.package}" passfile="${cvs.passfile}" failOnError="yes" /> </target>
Checks for repository changes
Gets latest from repository
<target name="build" depends="checkout"> <ant dir="${root.dir}/${cvs.package}" Executes our build inheritAll="false"> <!-- accumulate test results into a global location --> <property name="" location="${}"/> <!-- force any properties we set here to propogate down --> <property name="inheritAll" value="true"/> </ant> </target> <target name="masterbuild" depends="modificationset,build" description="CruiseControl master build" /> <target name="cleanbuild" depends="clean,masterbuild" description="CruiseControl clean build" /> </project>
CruiseControl hook
CruiseControl hook
After you have configured the build file, either with the CruiseControl targets added to your project build file or through a separate build file as we did, you need to configure the properties CruiseControl uses while running. The distribution provides a well-documented starter, and very little needs to be changed. We copied this file into our project s main directory. Some of the properties we tweaked are:
antfile = cruisecontrol.xml auxlogfiles = modificationset.file, mailhost = <our mail server>
There are several other properties to control the master and clean build target names, the cycle interval between clean builds, time interval between build cycles, the URL to the build servlet, email mapping file, several other email notification options, and a custom build-label incrementer. The auxlogfiles property deserves some mention. It is a comma-separated list of Ant property names that represent either files or directories. The modificationset.file is the default value, and we added As covered in chapter 4, our <junit> and <junitreport> tasks save files to this directory. When a build completes, the build log, modification set data, and XML files specified by auxlogfiles (or if the property is a directory, XML files in that directory) are put into a single XML file. The log files are then accessible to the reporting web application.
By ensuring that Ant property names are used for build output, it becomes very easy to interface with external systems such as CruiseControl the properties are simply overridden when run with CruiseControl to allow output to be collected where CruiseControl desires.
Starting the CruiseControl runner The CruiseControl distribution provides .bat and .sh startup scripts. Working on a Windows machine, we used cruiseControl.bat as a basis, renaming it cc.bat. We copied this file into our application directory and modified it to match our environment. CruiseControl 1.2.1a is built on Ant 1.4, but we are using Ant 1.5 so it required adjustments to the classpath used. We recommend that you try the standard CruiseControl scripts, but expect that there will be issues that require fine tuning. Starting CruiseControl for the first time requires some one-time initialization parameters. Running cc.bat without these parameters generates the details to help decipher what to do next:
[masterbuild] ***** Starting automated build process ***** Reading build information from : c:\AntBook\app\buildcycleinfo Cannot read build information. Usage: Starts a continuous integration loop
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