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This chapter focused on local registry based policies. This is a registry book after all. If you're interested in learning more about Group Policy, Microsoft's Web site contains a plethora of good information. You don't even need to buy a book to learn more about it. Here's a list of resources that I found valuable when I was first learning about Group Policy: This is the Windows 2000 Group Policy white paper, and it's the best starting point for understanding how to create GPOs and apply them to containers in Active Directory. This paper is long but a worthy read. This is the Implementing Registry Based Group Policy white paper. The bulk of this paper is about creating administrative templates for Windows XP. It's the paper I used most when writing this chapter because it describes the syntaxes for each of the keywords you can use in administrative templates. This is the Managing Windows XP in a Windows 2000 Server Environment white paper. It's a bit long, and all it really says is that Windows 2000 ignores Windows XP policies, and you can copy the Windows XP administrative templates to %SYSTEMROOT%\Inf on a Windows 2000 based server to use those templates for both Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Still, it's an interesting read because it goes into detail about the Group Policy improvements that Windows XP provides. Of note, this Web page includes a spreadsheet that lists all the policies. You can use it as a start for your own specification, recording which policies you're going to deploy.
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7: Managing Registry Security
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Security is not the most interesting registry related topic, nor is it the most popular. I don't use a lot of pages talking about it because, well, there's just not much to tell you. You can change a key's access control list (ACL). You can audit keys. You can also take ownership of keys. You can't do any of these things with individual values, though. Power users generally won't care much about registry security, but IT professionals often have no choice. Just because you can edit keys' ACLs doesn't mean you should, however. Messing with your registry's security is not a good idea unless you have a specific reason to do so. At best, you will make a change that's irrelevant, but at worst, you can prevent Microsoft Windows XP from working properly. So why am I including security in this book at all There are cases in which IT professionals must change the registry's default permissions to deploy software. That is a totally different story than tinkering with your registry's security out of curiosity. For example, you might have an application that users can run only when they log on to the operating system as a member of the Administrators group. Ouch. In a corporate environment, you don't want to dump all your users in this group. The solution is to deploy Windows XP with custom permissions so users can run those programs as a member of the Power Users or Users group. This is the most common scenario, and it's the primary focus of this chapter. You have two methods of deploying custom permissions. First you can do it manually. For the sake of completeness, I show you how to change a key's permissions in Registry Editor (Regedit). You can also build a security template, complete with custom registry permissions, and then apply that template to a computer manually. You wouldn't run around from desktop to desktop applying the template, though; you'd apply that template to your disk images before deployment. The second method is by using Group Policy. You create a Group Policy object (GPO) and then import a security template into it to create a security policy for your network. Windows XP automatically applies the custom permissions in your template to the computer and user if that GPO is in the Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP). I don't talk about Group Policy a whole lot in this book, but 6, "Using Registry Based Policy," points out a lot of good, free resources for learning more about it. Note If you're interested in learning about the new security features in Windows XP, see the white paper "What's New in Security for Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home Edition." You find this paper on Microsoft's Web site at url=/ /TechNet/prodtechnol/winxppro/evaluate/xpsec.asp
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