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Drawing PDF 417 in Visual C# content.

PDF417 Maker In Visual C#.NET
Using Barcode generation for .NET framework Control to generate, create PDF417 image in VS .NET applications.
PDF-417 2d Barcode Scanner In C#.NET
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Limit paragraphs to 75 words or fewer.
Barcode Creator In Visual C#.NET
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Decoding Barcode In Visual C#
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PDF 417 Creation In .NET Framework
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PDF-417 2d Barcode Maker In .NET Framework
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Use bulleted lists whenever possible. Use numbered lists when you re presenting a series of steps. Insert headings and subheadings to break up text and highlight key points. Keep headings simple and direct. (When in doubt, choose meaningful headings over
Generating PDF-417 2d Barcode In Visual Basic .NET
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clever ones.)
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Make sure that your information is presented in a logical hierarchy. Separate paragraphs with empty space (commonly referred to as white space). Avoid adding too many hyperlinks to your page s body text. Carefully check your spelling and grammar. Avoid tiny print, busy backgrounds, hard-to-see colors, and the like.
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You want to make your main ideas jump out at readers. If your main ideas strike a chord with a reader, the reader will then move on to read the more detailed information. In addition to these text rules, remember that although theoretically Web pages are infinitely wide and infi nitely long, you don t have to create ultra-long and ultra-wide documents. In most cases, a long Web page is usually easier to digest if it s divided into a number of shorter pages that are linked by means of hyperlinks on a menu bar. Tip Avoid underlining text that is not a link When you create Web text, avoid using underlining. Many people have become accustomed to associating underlined text in online documents with hyperlinks. If you underline text that isn t hyperlinked, viewers might become annoyed by clicking text and finding that it doesn t link to anything.
Data Matrix Printer In .NET
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Inside Out
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Using an animated GIF to create animated text for the Web When you create Web text in Word, be aware that the animate text formatting feature found in the Text Effects tab in the Font dialog box doesn t work online (even though it seems like a natural fit). If you want to include animated text, consider creating an animated GIF. A number of free animated GIF builders and prebuilt animated GIFs are available for download on the Internet.
Drawing UPC A In .NET Framework
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Code 128C Encoder In None
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Part 5: Collaborating Online and on Team Projects
Create Data Matrix 2d Barcode In None
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UPC-A Creation In Java
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Creating Professional Web Sites
Using Tables to Align Web Page Elements
Many browsers (old and new) support tables without a hitch. Therefore, hordes of Web designers have gravitated toward using tables to help align information on Web pages. When you design Web pages, you ll frequently find that using a table simplifies your task. Fortu nately, creating tables in Web pages is the same as creating tables in standard Word docu ments. You can format cells, borders, backgrounds, and so forth in the same manner. The main trick to using tables effectively in Web pages is to ensure that at least one cell is formatted to be a relative size (meaning that after the other table cells are displayed in a user s browser according to the table size settings, the relative table cell resizes to fit the remainder of the user s browser window). When you use tables in this manner, your Web page will resize to fit a browser s window.
For more information about creating and using tables, see 13, Organizing Concepts in Tables.
Including Hyperlinks
If you create Web pages, you re going to want to include hyperlinks. After all, the ability to jump from document to document (or from file location to file location) using hyperlinks is a major drawing point of the Web. Imagine entering a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) in the Address box every time you wanted to visit a Web page! Because hyperlinks play such a large role in text navigation these days, Word provides convenient ways to create and modify hyperlinks in your documents.
Controlling Automatic Hyperlinks
By default, Web and e-mail addresses are automatically formatted as hyperlinks when you type them in a Word document if Word can easily recognize the text as a Web address or an e-mail address. For example, if you type, Word will format the text as a Web address, but if you type, Word won t format the text as a hyperlink. To work around this, you could type, and then after Word formats the hyperlink, you could delete the www. portion of the Web address. Simi larly, you could add http:// in front of a Web address that doesn t start with www. to indi cate that the text is a Web address, as in This automatic formatting feature is usually welcome, but at times you might prefer to turn off the feature. To change this setting, you must configure the AutoCorrect options as follows:
1 Choose Tools, AutoCorrect Options, and then click the AutoFormat As You Type tab. 2 Clear the Internet And Network Paths With Hyperlinks check box under the Replace
As You Type section, and then click OK. After you turn off this AutoCorrect option, Word will no longer automatically format Web and e-mail addresses as hyperlinks in your documents. As you might expect, existing hyperlinks will not be affected.
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