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Microsoft Office Clipboard See Clipboard. Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer A viewer with which you can display presentations on a computer that does not have PowerPoint installed. Mini Toolbar A toolbar that is typically displayed after you select text on a slide so that you can quickly format the text. move handle The handle with which you can drag a docked toolbar. The move handle is represented by a row of four dots at the left end of the toolbar. named range A group of related cells defined by a single name. Navigation task pane In Word, a task pane that displays an outline of a document s headings, or thumbnails of a document s pages, and allows you to jump to a heading or page in the document by clicking it. Also provides content search capabilities. nested table A table inserted into a cell of a table that is being used to arrange information on a page. Normal view In PowerPoint, a view that displays three panes: Overview, Slide, and Notes. note container In OneNote, the smallest data storage unit. Notes on a page are stored within note containers; each note container can be individually manipulated. note separator A set of characters that separates document text from footnotes or endnotes. The default separator is a horizontal line. notebook header In OneNote, the area above the content pane that displays the notebook name, section tabs, and section groups. notes master In PowerPoint, a template that defines the formatting and content used by speaker notes pages. Notes pane In PowerPoint, the pane in Normal view in which you type notes that you want to accompany a slide. You print these notes as speaker notes pages.
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object An item, such as a graphic, video clip, sound file, or worksheet, that can be inserted into a PowerPoint slide and then selected and modified. object selector In OneNote, the handle that appears to the left of a text paragraph, graphic, table, or other individually selectable item within a note container or on a page. You click the object selector to select the object. .one file The OneNote data file format. Each .one file contains the content of one section. The .one file name is the same as the section name in the program window; changing one changes the other. See also section. orphan The first line of a paragraph printed by itself at the bottom of a page. Outline tab In PowerPoint, the tab of the Overview pane that shows all the text of the slides displayed as an outline. Overview pane In PowerPoint, the pane that appears in Normal view on the left side of the program window and that contains the Slides and Outline tabs. Package for CD In PowerPoint, a feature to help you gather all the components of a presentation and store them to a CD or another type of removable media so that they can be transported to a different computer. page In OneNote, a titled data storage unit within a section. Page Tabs area In OneNote, the area to the right of the content pane from which you can select and manipulate pages within the active section. paragraph style A combination of character formatting and paragraph formatting that is named and stored as a set. Applying the style to a paragraph applies all the formatting characteristics at one time. Paste Options A button that appears after you paste an item from the Microsoft Office Clipboard into your document, and which provides options for how the item appears in the document.
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path A sequence of folders (directories) that leads to a specific file or folder. A backslash is used to separate each folder in the path. For example, the path to a file called invoice.txt might be C:\ Documents\July\invoice.txt. PDF file The Portable Document Format is an Adobe Systems specification for electronic documents that can t be edited without specific software. PDF-format files have a .pdf file name extension. photo album In PowerPoint, a specific kind of presentation into which you can insert and arrange collections of digital images. Pick From List The Excel functionality that allows you to enter a value into a cell by choosing the value from the set of values already entered into cells in the same column. PivotChart A chart that is linked to a PivotTable and that can be reorganized dynamically to emphasize different aspects of the underlying data. PivotTable A dynamic worksheet that can be reorganized by a user. pixel The smallest element used to form the composition of an image on a computer monitor. Computer monitors display images by drawing hundreds or thousands of pixels arranged in columns and rows. The number of pixels a monitor displays is expressed by its screen resolution. placeholder A area on a slide designed to contain a specific type of content that you supply. plot area In a two-dimensional chart, the area bounded by the axes, including all data series. In a three-dimensional chart, the area bounded by the axes, including the data series, category names, tick-mark labels, and axis titles. point The unit of measure for expressing the size of characters in a font, where 72 points equals 1 inch. pointing to Pausing a pointing device over an area of the display. portrait The orientation of a picture or page where the page is taller than it is wide.
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post A message published on a blog, message board, or help board. precedent A cell that is used in a formula. primary key In Excel, a field or group of fields with values that distinguish a row of data from all other rows. promoting In an outline, to change body text to a heading, or to change a heading to a higher-level heading. property Settings of a file that you can change, such as the file s name and read-only status, as well as attributes that you can t directly change, such as the file s size and creation date. pull quote Text taken from the body of a document and showcased in a text box to create visual interest. query Selection criteria for extracting information from a data source for use in the mail merge process. Quick Access Toolbar A small, customizable toolbar, independent of the ribbon that displays frequently used commands. Quick Style In Word, a collection of character and paragraph formatting that makes formatting documents and objects easier. Quick Styles appear in the Quick Styles gallery and are organized into ready-made Quick Style sets that are designed to work together to create an attractive and professional-looking document. Quick Table In Word, a table with sample data that you can customize. range A group of related cells. read-only A setting that allows a file to be read or copied, but not changed or saved. If you change a read-only file, you can save your changes only if you give the file a new name. record In Excel, a collection of data about a person, a place, an event, or some other item. Records are the logical equivalents of rows in a table. reference mark The number or symbol displayed in the body of a document when you insert a footnote or endnote.
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