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SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection("..."); con.Open(); //do something with the connection }
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When the custom code is called from a report expression, you need to always assert the permission because the code access security checks walk up each stack frame and expect permissions at each level. The default code access security policy grants report expressions Execution rights only, so the security check will fail. Assert will shortcircuit the stack walk at the current frame. The MSDN documentation specifically states which permissions are needed by certain method calls. For example, in the case of the SqlConnection class, the documentation says, SqlConnection makes security demands using the SqlClientPermission object. The CodeAccessSecurityPermission.Assert method call instructs CLR to grant your code the requested permission, regardless of the fact that its callers might not have rights to this permission. For more information about code access security considerations, check out the security chapter in the product documentation.
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If everything we discussed so far sounds mind-boggling, here is what we would like for you to take with you from this chapter. Your specific application needs will dictate the choice of which authentication options to use. However, as with almost any architecture design, you should carefully weigh the different implementation approaches and make a tradeoff between flexibility and simplicity. Unless you are architecting an enterprise-wide reporting services infrastructure, don t try to make your security implementation too sophisticated. Try to take advantage as much as possible of the RS role-based security model. Some of the questions that you should ask yourself should be these: What is the application architectural model WinForm or web-based Intranet, extranet, or intranet How strict are the security requirements How sensitive is the report information How granular does the security policy level need to be For example, do you have to enforce restricted access at the report level or do you need a more granular level of security Do you need to secure some portion of the data inside the report Can you use Windows-based authentication To simplify the role-based security setup with Windows-based authentication, can you group the accounts into Windows groups Sometimes, you may find the RS role-based security model too coarse. Such will be the case when you need to secure sensitive data inside the report, or what I refer to as horizontal security.
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Take, for instance, the Employee Sales Freeform report we created in chapter 4. This report shows sensitive data, such as salesperson performance, bonus, and commission. What if we want each salesperson to be restricted to seeing his own sales data without being able to request the report for other sales representatives Further, what if we want only the members of a certain Windows group, such as Sales Managers, to be able to see the sales data for the sales representatives of whom the manager is in charge In such cases, you will need to take extra steps to supplement the role-based security model or, in more extreme cases, to replace it altogether. Let s consider some practical security-related techniques you can use to provide a more granular level of security policy. 8.3.1 Filtering data The first approach involves filtering the sensitive data at the data source or by using dataset filters. Let s say we want to restrict a salesperson to view his sales performance data only when requesting the Employee Sales Freeform report. Let s assume also that the Employee table in the database defines a column for the user login ID, which is exactly the case with the Employee table in the AdventureWorks2000 database. It defines a LoginID column, which we can use to filter the available values for the Employee parameter. We saved the modified version of the report as Employee Sales Freeform Secured. In this report, we demonstrate data filtering at the data source. To implement this, we replaced the dataset query of the Employee parameter with the following statement:
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SELECT FROM WHERE ORDER BY EmployeeID, LastName + N',' + FirstName AS EmployeeName, LoginID dbo.Employee (SalesPersonFlag = 1) AND (LoginID = @LoginID) EmployeeName
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The LoginID parameter is defined as dataset-specific, as shown in figure 8.17. As we discussed in chapter 5, the User.UserID property returns the Windows login ID if the default Windows-based authentication is used. Therefore, after the lookup dataset is filtered, the user will see his name only in the Employee parameter dropdown. In fact, in this scenario, you can go one step further and take out the Employee parameter entirely.
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