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security devices, why not learn the best use of all those simple, yet effective, security features that are built into most systems If properly used, almost any system has the ability to stop almost any hacker's best efforts. In my experience, the most effective security systems have been the ones that used multiple lines of defense - at least two methods in conjunction. Even if you have, or are considering, the best and brightest of hacker-proof security devices, it's my belief that one awesome, perfect, unfailing device cannot substitute for the combination of two or three less wonderful methods. Even if you have a state-of-the-art callback modem (which verifies a user's authorization before connecting him or her with the system), you still don't have an excuse for sloppy password security. Even if you use encryption to make your data unreadable, you'll be safer yet if you also have an unlisted, wellhidden telephone number.
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Hackers love to find a company that claims no hacker will ever see the inside of its system. In a few cases, such a claim will only serve to motivate the hacker. More often, though, and more importantly, such a claim advertises to high-level hackers that the system in question has only one line of defense - one security barrier on which the company depends completely. Even if the claim is simply the unspoken belief of the company involved, too much reliance is still placed on a single precaution. All too often, the company with "the ultimate security system" doesn't believe that it needs to bother with all those other silly security precautions - such as secure passwords and detailed user logs. That's a mistake. As the saying goes, "don't put all your eggs in one basket." Once, I remember, there was one company that thought it had cornered the market in security. It had a nice little computer system and allowed access to it on only one unlisted telephone line. Presumably, if no one knows you have a computer system on an unlisted phone line, then who can find out about it Especially if you are sure that no one in the company is going to give out the number - so this company thought, anyway, and with some justification. But, because the company never expected an unauthorized user to find the computer - even by accident - there was essentially no security other than that well-hidden phone number. One day, however, an employee stumbled upon a file created by hackers several months earlier. All told, five hackers had used this system freely for about a year before they were discovered. They had done the system no harm, but if a crasher had discovered that computer, he could easily have destroyed hundreds of hours of labor. At the other end of the scale, I know of a very large system that needed to use a very busy network. Taking the advice of a well-paid consultant, the owners equipped the system with a state-of-the-art device for coding and decoding data (cost of device and the consultant together, more than $270,000). The device on this system required each user to use a special terminal capable of performing the necessary scrambling and unscrambling of data, and these terminals were supplied only to authorized users. On the surface, this would probably look like a very secure system. It was, but not unconquerable.
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A little help from the inside (not hard to get from such a large company) and a little programming skill allowed a hacker to use his personal computer as one of these terminals. After that bit of work, the rest of the system became an open book, because no one in the company could imagine that this expensive and sophisticated security device might be circumvented. Once again, the security was very lax once the single existing barrier was overcome.
The preceding example told of an instance in which a hacker received help from within the company whose computer he was seeking to access. Perhaps you are thinking, "Oh well, that was just a stroke of luck for the hacker." No, it wasn't. In fact, when I was recently asked, "How do hackers go about getting inside help from a large company " my first reaction was to call that a silly question. But then I realized that if one person didn't know, there must be others who don't know either. The larger a company is, the easier it is for a hacker to get inside help. The hacker's first advantage is that employees of a multibilliondollar corporation quite often do not consider such a huge organization "real." The employees of such a company may charge personal, long-distance phone calls to the company, or they may take home pens, pencils, paper, and other supplies. If they don't, are they honest because of fear Or because of respect for the company in question The issue of employee involvement is obviously far beyond the scope of this book, but the fact remains: People who feel a sense of commitment and responsibility are far less likely to become security risks than people who see their employer as the source of a paycheck and not much more. A secondary reason that inside help can be easy for a hacker to get in large companies is the simple fact that there are more people for him to try. In most cases, a hacker doesn't have any contacts in the company, but he will probably only have to talk to a few people before finding help. By "a few people," I mean, usually, one or two. As you can see, the odds are strongly in the hacker's favor. Hackers (or anyone else) can, if they need to, quite easily obtain a company phone book from almost any large corporation. As another
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