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A R sum Encyclopedia
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Shawna Kvislen
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1632 Prairie Drive, Sioux City, IA 67543 550-787-9089 Shawna_kvislen@hotmailcom
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Security specialist with over nine years experience in designing, implementing, and configuring secure networks, with four years of experience in implementing, troubleshooting, and supporting advanced IDS systems Well versed in current published attack methodologies Experienced in the use of automated host-based intrusion detection and response systems, firewalls, proxy servers, strong certificate-based encryption, and router and switch access control lists Skilled in developing effective relationships with management, coworkers, customers, and vendors Team player with solid communication skills Detailoriented individual in time-sensitive situations CCSP and CISSP certified
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TECHNICAL SKILLS Operating systems: Windows NT/95/98/XP, NetWare, Linux, SunOS, Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, MacOS, OpenBSD, NetBSD, AIX, HP-UX Security systems: Snort, Alert Logic, Enterasys Dragon, AirMagnet, ISS, Trend Micro Viruswall, Symantec Security Information Manager, ServGate Edge Force M Series, Blue Coat SG, AV, RA appliances, Check Point Firewall-1, Cisco PIX, Net Ranger, Black Ice Tools: Encase, Symantec Forensic Utility, TCT Forensic Tool Web servers: WebSphere, MS IIS, Netscape Enterprise Server, Netscape FastTrack Server, Apache Webserver Devices: Cisco Routers, Juniper Net Screen, Nortel devices, Nbase Xyplex terminal servers, AlertLogic Protocols: TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, ATM, OSPF, RIP, EIGRP, IGRP, BGP, MBGP, HSRP, IKE, IPSec, PPP, IGMP, DCP, L2TP CERTIFICATIONS MCSE, CCSP, CISSP EXPERIENCE Network Security Analyst, Tricon Manufacturing
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6/2003 Present
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Consulted with and advised senior management of current and future security threats and appropriate security countermeasures to combat against unauthorized access to IT assets Responsible for system administration of over 30 Cisco and Alert Logic IDS sensors, including the configuration, installation, and auditing of PIX and Netscreen firewalls
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Figure 11-16 Security specialist sample r sum
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R sum Encyclopedia
Shawna Kvislen
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Conducted evaluations of existing technical documents for accuracy and completeness, and developed a penetration testing and vulnerability analysis plan Responsible for the importing and maintaining proxy logs for a 30,000+ enterprise user-wide reporting solution Research, evaluate, test, recommend, and implement new security products and releases Additional responsibilities include troubleshooting security-related problems, and interfaces with internal and external audit requirements in compliance with SOX 4/2000 6/2003
Internet Security Analyst, Vistainfo
Maintenance of the firewall rule-base, overall network security, development of VPN connections between company and customer locations, firewall monitoring and alert, and monitoring the corporate network for possible network intrusion Extensive knowledge of firewall setup and administration using Checkpoint Firewall-1, Linux iptables, NATs, and VPNs Experienced in bandwidth management, monitoring, and ensuring quality of service Addition responsibilities included administering and creating secure UNIX (Solaris, Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD) and Windows NT environments Project included centralizing 70+ company domain names hosted at different ISPs to the company s own name servers running Open BSD and BIND 8x/BIND 9x Also migrated 20+ company nationwide locations to one namespace Configured DNSSEC, multiple views, zone delegation, multiple name servers, DHCP, and host registration with DNS via dynamic updates and TSIG signed zone transfers Tested interoperability with Microsoft DNS servers 10/1998 4/2000
Network Administrator, Trinity College
Managed and performed the statistical and tactical aspects of disaster recovery, auditing, and security policies, procedures, and guidelines Performed security administration functions (maintaining users, groups, IDs, and passwords) for HP, UNIX, and FileNet systems at corporate and field locations Implemented and oversaw the installation and configuration of Windows (95/98/NT), Novell, and UNIX operating systems Worked with other network administrators in troubleshooting and maintaining the network with over 2,000 client computers while ensuring top security
EDUCATION BS in Computer Science, California Technical University, 1998
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A R sum Encyclopedia
Technical Writer
Key Areas to Highlight
Profile Section
The most important skill you can highlight as a technical writer is your ability to communicate effectively with and understand customers and internal teams, and to deliver documents necessary to make them successful As a writer, you also want to ensure you demonstrate you have the ability to adapt your writing style to various industries and technical environments A broad knowledgebase is important, especially one that spans different computer environments from software and hardware, in general, to specific systems As a part of this include a general sense of the scope of the projects you have worked with and the deliverables you produced Qualities to highlight about yourself: creative, self-directed, team-oriented, customer-focused, and productive
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