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Seven: Super-Regenerative Radio Receiver
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Firing up your original Doerle receiver
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Now your #19 Doerle radio receiver is bolted together and wired up It s time to try it out First, check the wiring, then check it again It s easy to make stupid wiring errors, sometimes after checking the wiring once or twice! Have a friend look over the circuit before applying power to the circuit for the first time The coils used in the original drawing look like 11 2 dia by 3 tall coil forms You can use phenolic bases from four prong tubes They re not from old tubes but from Antique Electronic Supply The low frequency coil is close-wound with about 30 turns of #26 wire You can wind about 10 turns of tickler below the tuning coil, and cover both coils with clear fingernail polish The coil covers approximately 25 to 45 MHz The exact number of turns you ll need is going to depend on the tuning capacitor you use and the stray capacitance that results from your particular component layout among other things You ll have to experiment to get the right number of turns
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Seven: Super-Regenerative Radio Receiver
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The tube manuals lists the filament current at 260 mA A voltmeter will show that the filament battery voltage drops about 2 volt over 15 to 20 minutes of operation The batteries will last quite a long time As for B+, a stack of 9 volt transistor radio batteries produced about 97 volts With the receiver fired up and properly adjusted, the current draw was only 4 mA, significantly less than what a transistor radio battery is capable of delivering After several minutes, the B+ battery dropped to 959 volts, so you can expect to get long life out of this battery pack Several changes of filament batteries will be needed before the B+ battery dies So how does a Doerle radio receiver perform For such a simple radio, it performs very well Just a quick run through the band allowed me to copy amateur CW and marine Morse code The foreign shortwave broadcasters came blasting-in Improvements Yes, I can think of some First, a volume control would be useful I suspect that radio stations today run far more power than they did in the 30s Therefore, the signals in the headphones are so loud as to be painful A volume control would be useful to cut some signals down to size I find the tuning a little too fast Tuning a single sideband signal in is touchy and difficult in some cases This could be fixed by going to five pin coils forms where the tuning capacitor could be attached to a tap in the tuning coil Such a modification, however, changes the Doerle kit which was built for shortwave listeners, not amateurs If you re a ham, you ll probably want to modify the design so that a ham band is spread out along the whole dial And the last change that I would make is to improve the antenna trimmer adjustment Adjusting the trimmer with a screwdriver can be painful after awhile You don t do it very often, but when necessary it s not a convenient thing
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triode tubes, many of which were better suited for the Doerle receiver circuit: see the 6SL7 Doerle receiver schematic shown in Figure 7-5 If you elect to build this modified version of the Doerle, you will need to locate a 6SL7 The 6SL7 is a glass octal high- or (hi-gain) twin triode The (mu) of a tube is the amplification factor, or voltage gain Although the value of what is considered high has increased over the years, today high means a of from 60 to 100 or more That means that the maximum voltage gain possible is 60 to 100, but usually it is significantly less High voltage gain tubes usually don t develop very much power High power tubes usually have lower voltage gain You can get both in the same tube The #19 is an audio power tube with a relatively low The 6SL7, on the other hand, has a of 70, but delivers little power If you build both the #19 and 6SL7 versions, you ll immediately hear the increased headphone volume of the latter tube Headphones don t need much power, so high voltage gain tubes works well, although more gain is usually better A medium- tube like the #19 triode will give great performance The 6SL7 was very common, and is still available It is a higher-power, lower-voltage-gain tube with the same pin-out arrangement as the 6SL7 The only major change introduced into this version of the Doerle is the mechanical layout In this version, the prototype used an old National ACN dial drive, found at a local hamfest or flea-market, for a couple of dollars I mounted it on an aluminum face place wrapped around a piece of 1 6 oak The actual planetary drive is identical to that under the phenolic dial plates of the Velvet Vernier used in the model 19 Doerle The ACN is much larger, 5 7 overall, and allows the user to mark a paper scale so that the dial becomes direct reading The antenna coupling trimmer was replaced by an 8-18 pF air variable stripped from an old radio A custom bracket was snipped out of aluminum sheet and quickly bent up By mounting the bracket on the wood base away from other meta components the capacitor electrically floated as needed A knob allows the operator to reach around the side and easily adjust coupling when necessary But you can take a similar small capacitor and cannibalize it by removing one or more plates to reduce the capacity Just try get something less than 50 pfd for antenna coupling
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