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Final Exam
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The lobster body is said to have a high degree of bilateral symmetry, because (a) It lacks a sti ening backbone (b) Two wrongs don t make a right! (c) It has a rough balance of various rays that project from the same center (d) The right and left halves are essentially mirror images of one another (e) Both sides never seem to measure together in the same way The outer skin covering the gastrula (a) Endoderm (b) Cristae (c) Epidermis (d) Ectoderm (e) Mesoderm The coelomates (such as earthworms) (a) Possess bodies with no central cavity (b) Always breathe with two lungs (c) Have bodies containing a central cavity around the digestive tract (d) Usually have a visceral mass plus mantle (e) Include echinoderms with soft, smooth skin Invertebrates with jointed bodies and jointed feet (a) Arthropods (b) Sea slugs (c) Clams and oysters (d) Petunia plants (e) Common plantain Spiders and their relatives (a) Bivalves (b) Arachnids (c) Crustaceans (d) Chilopods (e) Diplopods
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Final Exam
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86 There are more species of _____ than species of all other types of animals, combined (a) Trout (b) Mollusks (c) Trilobites (d) Insects (e) Ants An ancient forerunner of the vertebral column that supports and sti ens the body (a) Cranium (b) Notochord (c) Umbilical cord (d) Spine (e) Urochord Literally, this Class is for the birds (a) Aves (b) Reptilia (c) Agnatha (d) Placodermi (e) Amphibia Outermost layer of the skin or integument (a) Dermis (b) Subdermis (c) Osteoid (d) Epidermis (e) Keratin Thermoregulation (a) Technical term for widening of vessels (b) Disruption of homeostasis (c) Another name for radiation (d) A process of bone support (e) Control of body heat or temperature In humans, the _____ comprises many bones and joints (a) Endoskeleton (b) Carapace (c) Exoskeleton (d) Fibrous connective tissue (e) Endomysium
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92 Ossi cation (a) Muscular contraction (b) Process of bone formation (c) Elimination of unusable food residue (d) Respiration plus ventilation (e) Snapping of intervertebral joints
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Final Exam
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Current explanation of how muscles produce body movement (a) Law of Diminishing Returns (b) Sliding Filament Theory (c) Neuromuscular Junction (d) Tales of the epimysium (e) Motor Pathway Formation The hypothalamus of the brain contains a number of _____ for homeostasis (a) Visceral e ectors (b) Proprioceptors (c) Motor neurons (d) Control centers (e) Primary visual areas Glands of internal secretion of hormones into the bloodstream (a) Exocrine (b) Target cells (c) Endocrine (d) Sweat (e) Sympathetic Organ system that includes the heart, blood, and blood vessels (a) Pulmonary (b) Digestive (c) Genitourinary (d) Cardiovascular (e) Lymphatic-Immune The reticuloendothelial (R-E) system (a) The lymph nodes plus thymus gland (b) A little network of lymphatic vessels lined by at, scale-like cells, along with a collection of related organs (c) Wandering macrophages and red bone marrow (d) Just a bunch of dead-ended lymphatic capillaries (e) The spleen and its attachments
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Final Exam
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98 Pulmonary ventilation di ers from respiration in that (a) Pulmonary ventilation is the sum of inspiration plus expiration, whereas respiration is simply gas exchange between various body compartments (b) Pulmonary ventilation involves both gas exchange and removal of stale air from the body (c) Respiration only involves gas exchange between the air in the lung alveoli and the blood in the pulmonary capillaries (d) Pulmonary ventilation only involves the upper respiratory pathway lying above both lungs (e) Inspiration, but not ventilation, requires the bulk ow of air Digestion di ers from absorption in the following way (a) Digestion is the movement of material from the interior of the digestive tube into the bloodstream, whereas absorption is the breakdown of foodstu s (b) Digestion is the chemical and physical breakdown of food, whereas absorption is the movement of nutrient particles from the tube into the bloodstream (c) Absorption is the active adding of material to the digestive tube, from the bloodstream (d) Digestion is the same as secretion from the accessory digestive organs (e) Absorption is identical to both ingestion and egestion, whereas digestion is not identical to these processes
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100 The genitourinary system (a) The reproductive organs and pathways in both males and females (b) Involves just the organs of urine formation and excretion (c) A collection of specialized cells that directly participate in body defense (d) Is located just inferior and dorsal to most of the neuromuscular system (e) Concept that the reproductive and urinary pathways share many traits
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