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You chew up and swallow a hamburger Within your stomach and small intestine, it is further digested into individual proteins and amino acids, which in turn are nally broken down to provide free energy The overall name for this process is: (a) Cannibalism (b) Anabolism (c) Tissue rehydration (d) Metabolism (e) Catabolism After a portion of a tree trunk is gouged by a saw, the trunk slowly repairs itself, then continues growing The general terms for these physiological operations are: (a) Mitosis & anabolic processes (b) Mitochondrial enzymatic action (c) Mitosis & catabolic processes (d) Stepwise decreases in Biological Order and pattern (e) Random osmosis/di usion Plant cells consume carbon dioxide as part of their metabolism because: (a) Cellular respiration always involves the net consumption of CO2 (b) The Calvin cycle starts with a group of C atoms coming from CO2 (c) Photosynthesis uses energy from sunlight (d) CO2 molecules, not O2 molecules, have enough energy in their bonds to make ATP (e) Most plants live in low-oxygen environments All the greenish parts of a plant contain _____ with chlorophyll molecules: (a) Rough ER (b) Cell nuclei (c) Golgi apparatuses (d) Lysosomes (e) Chloroplasts Cellular respiration: (a) Occurs right after glycolysis under anaerobic conditions (b) Utilizes O2 to catabolize carbohydrates, lipids, or proteins (c) Does not occur in the cells of heterotrophs (d) Involves the production of lactic acid, under aerobic conditions (e) Takes place within the cytoplasm The Krebs cycle:
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PART 2 Universal Building Blocks of Life
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(a) Produces hydrogen-carrier molecules, which then move onto the cristae of the mitochondria (b) Is named for the concert pianist Krebs Kuhdiddlehopper (c) Includes enzymes that operate directly upon the glucose molecule (d) Is much less e cient than glycolysis in producing ATP molecules (e) Has carbon as its nal electron acceptor 14 Schleiden & Schwann are especially noted for: (a) Advancing the Modern Cell Theory (b) Being the rst to use the word, cell (c) Showing that cells were really not very important (d) Painting pictures of organisms upon cave walls (e) Successfully disproving the conclusions of Robert Hooke The word lysosome translates into Common English to mean: (a) Breakdown body (b) Kernel-resembler (c) Lice-cutter (d) Tiny digester (e) 5-carbon sugar body A packager of proteins, lipids, hormones, and various cell products: (a) Lysosome (b) Golgi body (c) Nucleoid region (d) Rigid cell wall (e) Nuclear membrane A cytoskeleton: (a) Often cracks into tiny particles (b) Provides pores in the nuclear membrane (c) Manufactures antibodies (d) Consists of microtubules as well as micro laments (e) Makes each cell extremely weak and fragile A single gene is important because: (a) It provides a code or blueprint for the production of a certain protein (b) Most cells contain no more than one gene (c) It always acts to speed up a particular digestive process (d) Each gene provides a speci c code for some type of membrane transport (e) No DNA is present without it
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If all the tRNAs within a cell were suddenly destroyed, _____ would be directly and immediately a ected: (a) Osmosis (b) Transcription (c) Simple di usion (d) Intracellular transport (e) Translation A polypeptide gets its name from the fact that: (a) It consists of a series of unattached amino acids (b) The word mitosis also has the same meaning (c) The molecule really has a lot of pep ! (d) The molecule contains peptide bonds between its amino acid subunits (e) There is nothing else quite like it within the living plant/animal body One of the main reasons that body tissues do not become clogged with millions of dead cells: (a) Quick occurrence of autolysis (b) Microscopic vacuum-cleaners within the cytoplasm (c) Slow and reliable rates of structural protein synthesis (d) Just enough mitochondria to provide the needed energy (e) A massive allergic reaction to the dead cells Active transport systems di er from passive transport systems by their: (a) Lack of importance in protein synthesis (b) Use of free energy from the splitting of ATP (c) Frequent lack of potential energy supplies (d) Stickiness and rubbery texture (e) Participation in cellular movements Like simple di usion, osmosis: (a) Proceeds from an area of higher to one of lower concentration (b) Occurs from an area of lower to one of higher concentration (c) Involves the random movement of H2O molecules only (d) Directly releases energy to support cell metabolism (e) Interferes with normal cellular digestion Facilitated di usion shares a certain major feature with active transport: (a) Energy-free scattering of particles
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