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The energy from some pulsars arrives in bursts so intense that they can be seen with optical telescopes, and their images can be captured on photographic
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Beyond Our Solar System
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film A pulsar in the Crab Nebula, which is believed to be the remnant of a supernova explosion approximately 1,000 years ago, has a period of only 003 second and emits visible flashes The flashing went unnoticed for many years because most optical observation is done using time-exposure photography In such a photograph, a visible pulsar looks like an ordinary star Pulsars remain mysterious, and the mechanisms by which they operate stretch the limits of credibility Although variations of Thomas Gold s hypothesis have been accepted, no one is completely certain what makes these things tick It is impossible to manufacture a pulsar in a laboratory Computer modeling is helpful but not conclusive because the output of a computer can only be as good as the input data Some pulsars have been observed to suddenly cease their transmissions for several seconds or even minutes and then start up again How can we explain that
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Black Holes
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Some neutron stars, as they collapse under their own weight, apparently do not stop even when all the space has been removed from between the subatomic particles If the mass of such a star is great enough, calculations show that gravitation will become so powerful that no other force in the Cosmos can overcome it, not even the forces within neutrons and other particles
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When a neutron star gets going on the runaway frenzy of gravitational collapse that nothing can stop, the object will, in theory, continue to shrink until it becomes a geometric point that contains all the mass of the neutron star from which it formed but zero volume There is an overwhelming gravitational field at its surface and a slowing down of time (because of relativistic effects, to be dealt with in a later chapter) to a complete stop relative to the outside Universe This object is called a space-time singularity Surrounding the singularity is a spherical zone within which nothing can escape, not even visible light or other EM radiation It is a zone of no return because the escape velocity is greater than the speed of light in free space The outer boundary of this zone is called the event horizon (Fig 14-6) To an outside observer, the object would appear as a black sphere having the radius
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Extreme Objects in Our Galaxy
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Zone of no return
Event horizon
Gravitational field strength
Figure 14-6 Simplified drawing of a black hole This illustration does not take
relativistic spatial distortion into account
of the event horizon The edge of the sphere would glow faintly because of starlight that has been almost, but not quite, captured and pulled in The background of stars near such a black hole would appear distorted because of space warping caused by gravitation
From a simplistic standpoint, gravitation can become so powerful that it will not let anything escape, not even the energy packets called photons that represent all forms of EM radiation As the gravitational field at the surface of a collapsing neutron star becomes increasingly powerful, EM
Beyond Our Solar System
rays are bent downward significantly as they leave the surface At a certain point, the rays leaving in an almost horizontal direction fall back The star continues to collapse, and the gravitational field becomes more powerful still; rays fall back at ever-increasing angles When the radius of the object gets so small that the gravitational field at the surface reaches critical intensity, only those photons traveling straight up from the surface manage to get away However, things don t stop there The collapsar keeps shrinking within the event horizon; then all photons are trapped No known form of energy can propagate faster than photons, and so the event horizon represents a one-way membrane: Things can get in, but nothing can get out This idea is not new As long as there has been a particle theory of light, imaginative scientists have theorized that black holes can exist When Albert Einstein revolutionized physics with his theory of relativity in the early 1900s, new evidence arose for the existence of black holes However, nobody had ever seen an object in space that fit the description The nature of black holes, assuming that they exist, is such that they are invisible at all wavelengths The fantastic nature of black holes, along with the apparent fact that they can never be observed directly, originally caused some scientists to scoff How could we say, for example, that angels were not dancing on the surfaces of neutron stars that had collapsed to within their event horizons After all, no one could take a look and disprove such an idea! Recently, however, most astronomers have come to believe that black holes are not only plausible but real They re out there
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