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Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition Features
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Achieving Extreme Performance with Oracle Exadata
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o doubt about it, the Exadata Database Machine and Exadata technology offer a unique combination of hardware and software to create a whole new value proposition for IT But many of the components of this unique combination are far from new In fact, you could see the Database Machine as a simple extension of features and functionality that have been developing in the Oracle database for more than 25 years This chapter will introduce you to the key features of the Oracle database, available in Oracle Database 11 g Enterprise Edition either as standard features or additional options The chapter will not cover the full breadth of functionality available with Oracle Database 11 g, but simply highlights those features with particular relevance to the Exadata environment The depth of coverage in this chapter will, of necessity, not be comprehensive Detailed examinations of these features are far beyond the scope of this single chapter Instead, the chapter will cover the basics of these capabilities, as well as some of the particulars that you will need to understand to appreciate both the features of Exadata software described in the next chapter as well as the best practices that are covered in the remainder of the book Of course, you may choose to skip this chapter if you are already very familiar with the material covered, but, as authors, we would hope that you would find the limited time you spend reading this material to be a worthwhile investment, as a review if not a completely new learning experience
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Data Integrity and Performance
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Data integrity is the rock upon which all databases must be built You expect that your data will retain the values you create despite any number of complications, from machine or component failure to the constant potential for one user s changes to unknowingly overwrite changes to the same data by another user All mature relational databases use a system of logging to allow you to recover the database in the event of hardware failure The scope of this type of recovery is bounded by the transaction A transaction is an atomic unit of database work that can contain one or more statements that insert, update, delete, or select data In terms of changes, a relational database guarantees that a transaction is either completely written to the database committed or entirely removed from the database rolled back If a relational database
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Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition Features
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crashes, the recovery process ensures that all committed transactions are represented in the recovered database, while any transactions that have not been committed are rolled back The transaction is also used to protect threats to data integrity caused by the actions of multiple users The power of a database like Oracle is that a single data store can support access for hundreds or thousands of users simultaneously One of the truly amazing things about the Oracle database is that not only can all these users access the data, but they all think that they are the only user of the database Each of these many users is isolated from the actions of all other users To protect integrity, a database must be able to prevent one user s changes to an individual row from modifying that data at the same time that another user is modifying the same data In order to accomplish this, databases use a system of locks A lock prevents a particular type of access to data The key goal of locks is to protect the consistent integrity of data However, just like a lock in a door, a lock on data, of necessity, prevents other users from accessing that data, so databases typically have two types of locks An exclusive lock normally prevents all access to a piece of data Exclusive locks are also known as write locks, since they are obtained by users trying to write data When users are reading data, they typically use a shared lock Many users can have a shared lock on the same piece of data, since many users can read that same data simultaneously without posing any threat to the integrity of the data But a writing user cannot obtain an exclusive lock on a piece of data when there are shared locks on that data, since changing data when a user is reading it could result in a reader getting a data value that had been changed but not yet committed This scenario means that a user may end up waiting for a lock to be released before they can complete their work A writing user, with an exclusive lock, prevents all users from accessing the data being modified And readers can prevent writers from obtaining the exclusive lock they need to perform their modifications The challenge is to use a system of locks to guarantee data integrity a quality that can never be compromised without the lock and locking system causing performance to degrade This type of performance issue is called contention, as users wait on locks while contending for the same piece of data as other users
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