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special high-order sensory organ the locus of transmodal (intersensory) integrations, particularly tactile and visual ones, which are the basis of our concepts of spatial relations In this way, parietal lesions cause disorders of speci c types of self-consciousness or self-awareness that are tied to sensory modalities, but they do not do so in the fundamental way that results from lesions of the temporal lobe Useful references on parietal function include Critchley s monograph on the parietal lobes and the chapter by Botez et al in the Handbook of Clinical Neurology
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temporal visual zones lose the ability to identify objects; with posterior parietal lesions, there is loss of ability to locate objects And, as Hubel and Wiesel have shown, the response patterns of neurons in both occipital lobes to edges and moving visual stimuli, to onand-off effects of light, and to colors are much different from what was originally supposed Hence, form, location, color, and movement each have separate localizable mechanisms The monographs of Polyak and of Miller contain detailed information about the anatomy and physiology of this part of the brain
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The occipital lobes are the termini of the geniculocalcarine pathways and are essential for visual perception and recognition This part of the brain has a large medial surface and somewhat smaller lateral and inferior surfaces (Fig 22-7) The parieto-occipital ssure creates an obvious medial boundary with the parietal lobe, but laterally it merges with the parietal and temporal lobes The large calcarine ssure courses in an anteroposterior direction from the pole of the occipital lobe to the splenium of the corpus callosum; area 17, the primary visual receptive cortex, lies on its banks (Fig 22-2) This area is typical homotypical cortex but is unique in that its fourth receptive layer is divided into two granular cell laminae by a greatly thickened band of myelinated bers, the external band of Baillarger This stripe, also called the line or band of Gennari, is grossly visible and has given this area its name striate cortex The largest part of area 17 is the terminus of the retinal macular bers via the lateral geniculate (see Fig 13-2) The parastriate cortex (areas 18 and 19) lacks the line of Gennari and resembles the granular unimodal association cortex of the rest of similar areas in the cerebrum Area 17 contains cells that are activated by the homolateral geniculocalcarine pathway (corresponding, of course, exclusively to the contralateral visual eld); these cells are interconnected and project also to cells in areas 18 and 19 The latter are connected with one another and with the angular gyri, lateral and medial temporal gyri, frontal motor areas, limbic and paralimbic areas, and corresponding areas of the opposite hemisphere through the posterior third (splenium) of the corpus callosum The occipital lobes are supplied almost exclusively by the posterior cerebral arteries and their branches, either directly in most individuals or through an embryologically persistent branch of the internal carotid arteries ( fetal posterior cerebral artery) A small area of the occipital pole receives blood supply from the inferior division of the middle cerebral artery (This assumes importance in the clinical nding of macular sparing, discussed on page 218) The connections among these several areas in the occipital lobe are complicated, and the old notion that area 17 is activated by the lateral geniculate neurons and that this activity is then transferred and elaborated in areas 18 and 19 is surely not complete Actually, four or ve occipital receptive elds are activated by lateral geniculate neurons, and bers from area 17 project to approximately 20 other visual areas, of which only 5 are well identi ed These extrastriate visual areas lie in the lingula and posterior regions of the occipital lobes Monkeys with bilateral lesions in the
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