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2 words; at 2 1 2 years, 3 words, and at 3 years, 4 words Pronunciation of words undergoes a similar progression; 90 percent of children can articulate all vowel sounds by the age of 3 years At a slightly later age the consonants p, b, m, h, w, d, n, t, and k are enunciated; ng by the age of 4 years; y, j, zh, and wh by 5 to 6 years; and f, l, v, sh, ch, s, v, and th by 7 years Girls tend to acquire articulatory facility somewhat earlier than boys The vocabulary increases, so that at 18 months the child knows 6 to 20 words; by 24 months, 50 to 200 words; by 3 years, 200 to 400 words By 4 years, the child is normally capable of telling stories, but with little distinction between fact and fancy By 6 years, the average child knows several thousand words Also by that age, children can indicate spatial and temporal relationships and start to inquire about causality The understanding of spoken language always exceeds the child s speaking vocabulary; that is to say, most children understand more than they can say The next stage of language development is reading Here there must be an association of graphic symbols with the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic images of words already acquired Usually the written word is learned by associating it with the spoken word rather than with the seen object The integrity of the superior gyrus of the temporal lobe (Wernicke s area) and contiguous parieto-occipital areas of the dominant hemisphere are essential to the establishment of these cross-modal associations Writing is learned soon after reading, the audiovisual symbols of words being linked to cursive movements of the hand The tradition of beginning grade school at 6 years is based not on an arbitrary decision but on the empirically determined age at which the nervous system of the average child is ready to learn and execute the tasks of reading, writing, and soon thereafter calculating Once language is fully acquired, it is integrated into all aspects of complex action and behavior Movements of volitional type are activated by a spoken command or the individual s inner phrasing of an intended action Every plan for the solution of a problem must be cast into language, and the nal result is analyzed in verbal terms Thinking and language are therefore inseparable Anthropologists see in all this a grander scheme wherein the individual recapitulates the language development of the human race They point out that in primitive peoples, language consisted of gestures and the utterance of simple sounds expressing emotion and that, over periods of time, movements and sounds became the conventional signs and verbal symbols of objects Later these sounds came to designate the abstract qualities of objects Historically, signs and spoken language were the rst means of human communication; graphic records appeared much later Native Americans, for instance, never reached the level of syllabic written language Writing commenced as pictorial representation and only much later were alphabets devised The reading and writing of words are comparatively late achievements For further details concerning communicative and cognitive abilities and methods of assessment, the reader should consult the monograph by Mini e and Lloyd
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to mating The terms refer also to a person s concern or preoccupation with sex or his erotic desires or activities A more ambiguous meaning has been proposed by some psychologists, for whom the term is equated with all growth and development, the experience of pleasure, and survival Much of Freudian psychoanalytic theory centers on the sexual development of the child and on the basis of questionable observations espouses the view that repression of the sexual impulse and the psychic con icts resulting therefrom are the main sources of neurosis and possibly psychosis The following are the main chronological steps in sexual development, taken from the observations of Gesell and colleagues and itemized in de Ajuriaguerra s monograph: 18 months Infant applies term baby to both boys and girls 30 months Sexual organs noticed and touched when naked Boy knows his penis is same as father s Uses terms boy and girl 3 years Gives verbal expression to differences between sexes and their different postures in urination Likes to touch adults, especially mother s breasts 4 years Some pleasure in exhibitionism 5 years Conscious of sexual organs of others Asks why father does not have breasts or sister a penis 6 years Boys and girls interested in mutual examination of sexual organs Ask how babies come out of mother and where they came from 7 years First hint of attraction to opposite sex 8 years Teases and jokes about sexual matters 9 years Interested in details of sexual organs Becomes shy in appearing nude before father and mother In groups, each sex prefers to be separate Prepubertal In this period, attachments formed with older person of same sex (girlhood crushes); in boys, attachments to members of same sex (gang formation) One observes here homosexual tendencies Puberty Sexes clearly separated In girls, menstruation and breast development are added characteristics Adolescence Emergence of increasing display of heterosexual behaviors in school, at dances, and in other social activities Penile erections occur intermittently in both infantile and childhood periods In later childhood, erection is self-initiated and still later is carried to the point of ejaculation and orgasm (masturbation) The timetable of the menarche and other aspects of sexual development is not uniform; and there is considerable variation If sexuality is not allowed natural expression, it often becomes a source of worry and preoccupation Some 10 percent of the population fails to develop heterosexual orientation Derangements of psychosexual function are discussed on page 449 Homosexuality The homosexual is motivated in adult life by a preferential erotic attraction to members of the same sex Most psychiatrists exclude from the de nition of homosexuality those patterns of behavior that are not motivated by speci c preferential desire, such as the incidental homosexuality of adolescents and the situational homosexuality of prisoners Figures on incidence are dif cult to secure According to the early reports of Kinsey and colleagues, approximately 4 percent of
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