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DE AJURIAGUERRA J: Manuel de psychiatrie de l enfant, 2nd ed Paris, Masson, 1974 DENCKLA MB, RUDEL RG, CHAPMAN C, et al: Motor pro ciency in dyslexic children with and without attentional disorders Arch Neurol 42: 228, 1985 DE RENZI E, LUCHELLI F: Developmental dysmnesia in a poor reader Brain 113:1337, 1990 ELLINGSON RG: The incidence of EEG abnormality among children with mental disorder of apparently nonorganic origin Am J Psychiatry 111: 263, 1954 FANTZ RL: The origin of form perception Sci Am 204:66, 1961 FEESS-HIGGINS A, LARROCHE J-C: Development of the Human Fetal Brain Paris, Masson, 1987 FERNALD WE: Standardized elds of inquiry for clinical studies of borderline defectives Ment Hyg 1:211, 1917 FLEET WS, HEILMAN KM: Acquired stuttering from a right hemisphere lesion in a right hander Neurology 35:1343, 1985 FOX P, INGHAM R: Commentary on stuttering Science 270:1438, 1995 FOX P, INGHAM R, INGHAM JC, et al: Brain correlates of stuttering and syllable production A PET performance-correlation analysis Brain 123: 1985, 2000 FRANKENBERG WK, DODDS JB, FANDAL AW: Denver Developmental Screening Test, rev ed Denver, University of Colorado Medical Center, 1970 GALABURDA AM, KEMPER TL: Cytoarchitectonic abnormalities in developmental dyslexia: A case study Ann Neurol 6:94, 1979 GALABURDA AM, SHERMAN CF, ROSEN GD, et al: Developmental dyslexia: Four consecutive patients with cortical anomalies Ann Neurol 18: 222, 1985 GASTAUT H, BROUGHTON R: A clinical and polygraphic study of episodic phenomena during sleep, in Wortis J (ed): Recent Advances in Biological Psychiatry New York, Plenum Press, 1965, pp 197 221 GESELL A(Ed): The First Five Years of Life: A Guide to the Study of the Pre-School Child New York, Harper & Row, 1940 GESELL A, AMATRUDA CS: Developmental Diagnosis: Normal and Abnormal Child Development, 2nd ed New York, Hoeber-Harper, 1954 GIBSON EJ, OLUM V: Experimental methods of studying perception in children, in Mussen P (ed): Handbook of Research Methods in Child Development New York, Wiley, 1960, pp 311 373 GOLDSTEIN K: Language and Language Disturbances: Aphasic Symptom Complexes and Their Signi cance for Medicine and Theory of Language New York, Grune & Stratton, 1948 GUBBAY SS, ELLIS E, WALTER JN, COURT SDM: Clumsy children: A study of apraxic and agnosic defects in 21 children Brain 88:295, 1965 HECAEN N, DE AJURIAGUERRA J: Left-Handedness New York, Grune & Stratton, 1964 HINSHELWOOD J: A case of dyslexia A peculiar form of word blindness Lancet 2:1454, 1896 HILL JC, SCHOENER EP: Age-dependent decline of attention de cit hyperactivity disorder Am J Psychiatry 153:1143, 1996 HUMPHREYS P, KAUFMANN WE, GALABURDA AM: Developmental dyslexia in women: Neuropathological ndings in three patients Ann Neurol 28:727, 1990 HUTTENLOCHER PR: Dendritic development in neocortex of children with mental defect and infantile spasms Neurology 24:203, 1974 HYND GW, SEMRUD-CLIKEMAN M, LORYS AR, et al: Brain morphology in developmental dyslexia and attention de cit disorder/hyperactivity Arch Neurol 47:919, 1990 ILLINGWORTH RS: The Development of the Infant and Young Child, Normal and Abnormal, 3rd ed Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone, 1966 INGRAM TTS: Developmental disorders of speech, in Vinken PJ, Bruyn W (eds): Handbook of Clinical Neurology Vol 4: Disorders of Speech, Perception and Symbolic Behavior Amsterdam, North-Holland, 1969, chap 22, pp 407 442 IRWIN OC: Can infants have IQ s Psychol Rev 49:69, 1942 KAGAN J, MOSS HA: Birth to Maturity: A Study of Psychological Development New York, Wiley, 1962
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KANNER I: Early infantile autism J Pediatr 25:211, 1944 KEMPERMANN G: Why new neurons Possible functions for adult hippocampal neurogenesis J Neurosci 22:635, 2002 KINSBOURNE M: Developmental Gerstmann s syndrome: A disorder of sequencing Pediatr Clin North Am 15:771, 1968 KINSBOURNE M: Disorders of mental development, in Menkes JH (ed): Textbook of Child Neurology, 5th ed Baltimore, Williams & Wilkins, 1995, pp 924 964 KINSEY A, POMEROY W, MARTIN C, GEBHARD P: Sexual Behavior in the Human Female Philadelphia, Saunders, 1948 LANDAU WM, KLEFFNER FR: Syndrome of acquired aphasia with convulsive disorder in children Neurology 7:523, 1957 LENNEBERG EH: Biological Foundations of Language New York, Wiley, 1967 LEONARD CM, VOELLER KKS, LOMBARDINO LJ, et al: Anomalous cerebral structure in dyslexia revealed with magnetic resonance imaging Arch Neurol 50:461, 1993 LEVAY S: A difference in hypothalamic structure between heterosexual and homosexual men Science 253:1034, 1991 LEVAY S, HAMER DH: Evidence for a biological in uence in male homosexuality Sci Am 270:44, 1994 LEWIS EO: Types of mental differences and their social signi cance J Ment Sci 79:298, 1933 LIVINGSTONE MS, ROSEN GD, DRISLANE FW, GALABURDA AM: Physiological and anatomical evidence for a magnocellular defect in developmental dyslexia Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 88:7943, 1991 LOWREY GH: Growth and Development of Children, 8th ed Chicago, Year Book, 1986 MACKINTOSH NJ: IQ and Human Intelligence Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1998 MINIFIE FD, LLOYD LL: Communicative and Cognitive Abilities Early Behavioral Assessment Baltimore, University Park Press, 1978 MOSER HW, RAMEY CT, LEONARD CO: Mental retardation, in Emery AE, Rimoin DL (eds): Principles and Practice of Medical Genetics Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone, 1984, pp 352 366 ORTON ST: Reading, Writing and Speech Problems in Children New York, Norton, 1937 OZERETZKII NI: Technique of investigating motor function, in Gurevich M, Ozeretzkii NI (eds): Psychomotor Function Moscow, 1930 Quoted by Luria AR: Higher Cortical Functions in Man New York, Basic Books, 1966 PACKMAN A, ONSLOW M: Searching for the cause of stuttering Lancet 360:655, 2002 PAULESU E, DEMONENT J-F, FAZIA F, et al: Dyslexia; cultural diversity and biological unity Science 291:2165, 2001 PIAGET J: The Psychology of Intelligence London, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1950 PRECHTL HFR: Prognostic value of neurological signs in the newborn Proc R Soc Med 58:3, 1965 PRECHTL HFR, BEINTEMA D: The Neurological Examination of the Full Term Newborn Infant Little Club Clinics in Developmental Medicine, no 12 London, Heinemann, 1964 PRECHTL HFR, STEMMER CJ: The choreiform syndrome in children Dev Med Child Neurol 4:119, 1962 PURPURA D: Dendritic spine dysgenesis in mental retardation Science 186:1126, 1974 RABINOWICZ T: The differential maturation of the cerebral cortex, in Falkner F, Tanner JM (eds): Human Growth New York, Plenum Press, l986 RAPIN I, ALLEN DA: Developmental language disorders: Nosologic considerations, in Kirk U (ed): Neuropsychology of Language, Reading and Spelling New York, Academic Press, 1983, pp 155 184 Raven s Colored Progressive Matrices New York, Psychological Corporation, 1947 1963 REISSMAN F: The Culturally Deprived Child New York, Harper & Row, 1962 RENPENNING H, GERRARD JW, ZALESKI WA, et al: Familial sex-linked mental retardation Can Med Assoc J 87:924, 1962
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