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6: Applied Database Vault for Custom Applications
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We presented a fine-grained pattern for defining the required database and application administrators that must be authorized in the DBV realms We urged you to define areas of responsibilities for your application realm administrators and map the privilege sets defined by this fine-grained pattern to each area The fine-grained pattern that was presented will enable you to meet separation of duty requirements that are part of compliance regulations or a consolidation effort This pattern can also be collapsed into a more coarse-grained pattern depending on how stringent your compliance regulations are or how constrained you are from a personnel perspective in a consolidation effort Decomposing the requirements also helps uncover business rules and conditions that form the basis for DBV command rules and DBV rule sets We recommend a Subject-Verb-ObjectCondition table technique similar to conventions used in the security evaluation of an IT product This technique was demonstrated with a handful of notional use cases However, you should consider all of your business application use cases and system use cases (such as upgrades and backup/recovery database administration tasks) when employing this technique Use cases can be categorized as follows: Application transactions (business use cases) Application batch processes (business use cases) Application reporting (business use cases) Database administration (system use cases) Database connection rules (business use cases and system use cases)
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The business rules and conditions that were uncovered using this technique will also help you identify the DBV factors that can be created and shared among your applications We presented a collection of patterns for DBV factors that can help you discover and categorize factors as they relate to conflict of interest, separation of duty, organization policy, identity management, operational context, time, and external events We also presented examples of how you can incorporate these factors in your RLS controls (VPD, OLS, views), PL/SQL code, and FGA policies We concluded this chapter with a recommendation to use DBV SARs when operations are highly sensitive or potentially risky but are not used frequently DBV SARs are also recommended when a connection pool account is used to assert multiple database roles with different privileges based on the operational context of a web-based application
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Applied Database Vault for Existing Applications
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Part II:
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Oracle Database Vault
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hapter 6 introduced you to techniques and patterns for designing DBV security controls as part of a custom application development effort In this chapter, we present several techniques for analyzing existing applications that need additional security controls This might be the case, for example, for an organization that must comply with regulations and is looking to products such as DBV to help in this effort
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The ability to apply DBV security policy to existing applications is a powerful feature that many customers should consider It is driven by the fact that DBV enforcement runs within the database kernel and is applied to all SQL commands that are submitted to the database, regardless of the programming language or development product used to write the application The DBV enforcement engine and its underlying security policy configuration are external to the application and create a unique opportunity to secure applications without changing the underlying application code Applying DBV to existing applications is an exercise that involves people, documentation, and technology The technical experts for an existing application can quickly identify the sensitive mission-critical data managed in the database that would be a candidate for protection by DBV realms Application experts can identify the accounts/roles used in the database to help determine which DBV realm authorizations and DBV Secure Application Roles (SARs) may be required These experts can also identify many of the business rules that are embedded in application code or part of the procedures used to manage the system, which can be transformed into DBV command rules Once business rules and DBV command rules are identified, you can make use of DBV factors for security-related attributes that are commonly used If you have access to system engineering or design documentation, you can often shortcut the analysis to determine which object-owner accounts need to be considered for your protection profile System documentation can be used to help validate the information supplied by the experts or to develop the initial drafts of a DBV policy that can be reviewed by the experts This is especially helpful when experts have time constraints Finally, you can leverage the audit technology and configuration data available in the Oracle database to develop an initial draft of the DBV policy This chapter focuses on the details of the latter approach as we can provide a generalized mechanism/process of capturing this information that applies to any system You must first profile usage of system privileges and object privileges using the native Oracle database auditing You can do this by auditing all accounts in the database or a set of targeted accounts you have identified Once you ve completed interviews of application experts, reviewed system documentation, and profiled auditing in the database, you can perform the same type of analysis presented in 6 Specifically, you can develop a fine-grained security profile complete with SubjectVerb-Object-Condition tables for the various system use cases
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