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Table 22
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School Personnel in the United States, edited by T M Stinnett, 1974, Washington, DC: National Education Association; The NASDTEC Manual on Preparation and Certi cation of Educational Personnel for the Year 2002 (7th ed), by National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certi cation, 2002, Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt; National Survey of the Education of Teachers, Vol 6, Special Survey Studies, by B W Frazier, G L Betts, W J Greenleaf, D Waples, N H Dearborn, M Carney, and T Alexander, 1935, Washington, DC: US Government Printing Of ce; Projections of Education Statistics to 2006 (25th ed), edited by W J Hussar and D E Gerald, 1996, Washington, DC: National Center for Education Statistics; and A Study of Teacher Education Institutions as Innovators, Knowledge Producers, and Change Agents, by D L Clark and E G Guba, 1977, Bloomington, IN: Indiana University
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uing education, three or more years of experience, and a performance assessment Some states require teachers to extend or renew the standard license periodically, usually by completing a certain number of graduate credit hours or professional development units every year In some states, licenses are generic for teaching but endorsed for a certain level (such as elementary or secondary school), subject (such as English or mathematics), or special area (such as home economics, industrial arts, or special education) In other states, licenses are for elementary or secondary school teaching or certain special areas, and there may be endorsements for subjects (such as English or social studies) and other special areas (such as art, music, and physical education) The license for middle school teaching is separate in a few states, included in a junior high school license in most other states All the teacher education programs that a college or university offers must be approved by the state department of education or a professional standards board On the strength of such approval, many state departments of education or standards boards now issue licenses to graduates of approved programs, provided that the college recommends the graduates All the licenses or certi cations just discussed are required by the states In addition, in 1993 a national professional certi cation was established in twenty-six areas or levels of teaching This advanced certi cation is comparable to the diplomate in other professions National certi cation is governed by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, a nonpro t body made up of teachers, subject matter specialists from schools and colleges, and other professional educators Application for national cer-
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ti cation is voluntary for teachers with three or more years of experience Teachers who successfully complete the national certi cation process are usually recognized by their district or state with salary increases As of 2002, more than 16,000 teachers had achieved this distinction Teacher education programs also are monitored by both regional and national accreditation Both of these processes are voluntary; that is, institutions choose whether to be reviewed Across the country there are six regional accrediting associations Their focus is the general quality of a college or university At the national level, two agencies accredit programs that prepare teachers and other education personnel: the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) NCATE accredits programs against standards that it has developed Its constituent organizations represent public school teachers, education and subject matter professionals, and colleges of teacher education Accreditation by NCATE involves, rst, an institution preparing a report that explains how its program conforms to NCATE s standards; then, a cross-section of educators from outside the state conducting a site visit to validate that the standards have been met TEAC bases accreditation on an audit of the adequacy of evidence that faculty present to demonstrate three basic principles of quality: evidence of student learning, evidence that the assessment of student learning is valid, and evidence of the program s continuous improvement and quality control TEAC requires faculty members of a program applying for accreditation to submit an inquiry brief, a research monograph in which they present the evidence supporting their claim that their program satis es the three basic principles Auditors then visit the institution to verify the accuracy of the evidence in the inquiry brief A prospective teacher should check the accreditation status of the colleges and programs he or she is considering Standard preparation programs vary somewhat for elementary, secondary, and special education teachers, but all candidates must take courses in general education, subject matter, and pedagogical studies They also must study human growth and development, with an emphasis on children or adolescents, depending on the level at which they expect to teach Most programs require clinical experiences in schools before admission to student teaching or an internship In all states, programs require student teaching or a full-time internship for eight to eighteen weeks, supervised by both schoolteachers and college professors A 1996 report by the National Com-
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