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ing around school, in and out of classrooms, talking with students and staff
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Upsides and Downsides Being a principal is never dull Every day is different and brings new challenges and opportunities to grow and stretch as a leader and professional educator The downside is that despite hard work and best efforts, someone is always unhappy and critical The rewards come from contact with children and staff At my school I can become disheartened when parents seem to have unrealistic expectations for our performance When that happens I get out of my of ce and spend time with the kids Advice The principal today must be an effective manager, but also an instructional leader You must have at least passing knowledge of the curriculum, a rm grounding in best instructional practices, and an understanding of helping and mentoring models I believe that the principal teacher should have classroom experience prior to administration You should also be physically t and know how to manage stress You should be well grounded in principle and know how to achieve balance in your personal and spiritual life when school threatens to consume you You should be a lifelong learner and dedicated public servant You should be humble and a good listener you derive your leadership from those you lead
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upervisors and middle-level administrators are found in large school districts, where the job of the superintendent of schools is suf ciently complex to require that responsibilities be delegated and where one person cannot oversee and provide leadership and support to all personnel and programs Of the 100 largest districts in the United States, 98 percent report complex central of ce administrative structures that include administrators and program supervisors As might be expected, the 100 largest districts tend to be in cities and counties with large populations Twenty of the 98 largest districts that report staff by type had 1 percent or more of their staff assigned to district administration quite a leap from the oneroom schoolhouse Increasingly these staff serve as instructional leaders who can positively in uence schools and communities A 1999 study published by the US Department of Education found that high-performing schools in highpoverty urban areas had strong instructional leaders who communicated a collective sense of responsibility and spent more time helping teachers attend to instructional issues, as compared with schools where principals focused primarily on administrative matters Expectations that central of ce administrators and supervisors offer instructional leadership and supervision arose in the early 1960s, originating in The Education of American Teachers, a report by James Conant It called for reform and revitalization of schools and teacher education
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The professional personnel who staff a central of ce ensure that a school district s instructional and curricular programs are effective, have continuity and coherence, and are ef ciently administered They assist in and monitor planning, development, operation, nance, and evaluation of all the areas that are part of running the school system The traditional areas that they oversee are curriculum, special education, guidance and psychological services, personnel, library and media, materials and supplies, and plant maintenance Those who engage in central of ce administration and supervision have unique perspectives because they interact with many different groups of teachers and administrators Supervisors, in particular, move back and forth across the different institutional levels and thus gain a larger sense of the schooling enterprise As educational researcher Michael Fullan points out, these professionals often are able to see how community contexts, fragmentation or coherence of reform initiatives, and changes in the teaching profession can foster or hinder meaningful educational change However, as more school systems adopt site-based decision making and management, the number of central of ce supervisors and program directors may decrease Site-based management is an approach in which more authority and more discretion over the allocation of resources is transferred to local schools Thus, author and researcher Malcolm Skilbeck argues, responsibilities that now are largely assumed by supervisors may one day be assumed by teachers as they engage in new roles, like mentoring beginning teachers, coaching colleagues, running staff development programs, coordinating review and adoption of new textbooks, and initiating recruitment and selection of new faculty for their school Where decision making has been delegated to those closer to students, the role of many central of ce personnel, particularly instructional and curriculum support staff, has changed from managing to coordinating and advising However, in management and scal matters for example, in accounting for attendance and school expenditures a central of ce responsibility will remain Various support services also are managed from the central of ce: business affairs, food services, transportation, and communications and community relations In recent years several new areas have been added to the
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responsibilities of central of ce staff, among them labor relations, state and federal programs, legislation, legal and judicial oversight, technological developments, and energy coordination Whether each of these areas is assigned to one individual, or one person carries the responsibility for several, depends on the expertise required and the size of the district Additionally, as researchers Sharon N Oja and Alan J Reiman note in a 1998 synthesis of research on supervision, personal and professional development are becoming more important and more prominent responsibilities in central of ce programs Often these are a part of curriculum and instruction, staff development, or induction programs for new educators Most middle-level administrators and supervisors are housed with the superintendent at a central location, often in the board of education building Very large districts have regional centers Supervisors have of ces at these headquarters, but many spend considerable time in the schools helping personnel In addition, many central of ce personnel, particularly in subject areas and general curriculum, plan and facilitate inservice education for teachers and administrators This role becomes especially important when the school district introduces new content, program innovations, or different organizational structures For example, many school districts have recently sponsored instruction and workshops on computer literacy, sex education, AIDS prevention, drug and alcohol abuse, school violence, career ladders, and textbook evaluation Central of ce jobs are not always clearly de ned by title A position under a particular title in one district may entail quite different duties from those included in a position by the same title in another district For example, depending on the district, a guidance person may be a supervisor of psychological counseling, of career counseling, of standardized testing, or of attendance Discovering the duties of a central of ce position often is puzzling to prospective applicants A person interested in a vacated position may think that the best way to get candid, rsthand information is to talk with the person who left the job That is perhaps true, but other or new information is often available from of cial sources The administration, for example, may be taking the occasion of a change in staff to modify the duties associated with the position, or it may be shifting the position to another department to make central of ce administration more ef cient The best source of information
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