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Trends in Consulting
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Corporate downsizing and growth in the Internet economy have created considerable demand for outside consulting work Even with declining demand for consultants in the dot-com sector, demand for management analysts will grow faster than average Consultants with technological skills in Web-enabledcustomer-relationship-management and supply-chain-management systems will be sought after along with those with skills in the new wireless technology 3 Change management and corporate reengineering are areas in the consulting business usually in demand Reengineering in Europe and in corporations around the rest of the globe will offer opportunities abroad for consultants Emphasis on hiring and retaining skilled employees through compensation and rewards is a greater priority in many companies In 2000, Watson Wyatt Canada acquired the National Compensation Strategy & Rewards Group of KPGM Con-
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Careers in Consulting, Contracting, Entrepreneurship, Franchising, and Education
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sulting to expand its offering in human capital consulting and to focus on Ebusiness integration in Canada and globally4
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Sources of Information for Consultants
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Numerous publications are available to those interested in consulting as a profession Consulting firms and independent consultants in the United States and Canada are listed in the Consultants and Consulting Organizations Directory found in the reference section of libraries Consultants News and Journal of Management Consulting are periodicals covering up-to-date information in the field Here are some associations for consultants: American Consultants League 30466 Prince William Street Princess Anne, MD 21853 Association of Management Consulting Firms 380 Lexington Avenue, Number 1699 New York, NY 10168-0002 amcforg Institute of Management Consultants 1200 19th Street NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20036-2428 imcusaorg National Association of Business Consultants 9438 US Highway 19 N, Suite 101 Port Richey, FL 34668 nabc-inccom Professional and Technical Consultants Association 849-B Independence Avenue Mountain View, CA 94043 patcaorg
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An amazing 30 percent of the United States s 130 million workforce are nonstandard workers including temporary workers, on-call workers, day laborers, leased workers, the self-employed, and independent contractors who make up 64 percent of these workers, according to Edie Rasell of the Economic Policy Institute5 To tap into this reservoir of talent, the Internet offers skills auctions, job sites, resume sites, and recruiters The auctions offer independent contrac-
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tors bids for their services, though not always at the pay rates they would like Internet companies such as eLancecom, Monstercom, Bid4Geekscom, and HotDispatchcom are part of what is becoming a saturated field The fastestgrowing worldwide service for independent contractors with more than 45,000 freelancers and 15,000 project managers is Antscom6 Contract programmers agree to provide software under a contractual arrangement for companies both inside and outside the computer industry In a sense, they are a subset of consultants providing a specific service, namely programming Some people make the following distinction between consultants and contractors: consultants analyze a situation and propose a solution but do not implement it Contractors implement predefined solutions Many of the same things written about consultants are true for contractors They must understand how to market their services and work hard at it Having financial resources to cover themselves during the lean times and to pay for health insurance, office supplies, phone bills, and other expenses is important A difference between consulting and contracting is that any creative individual with good programming skills can make some money programming from teenagers to those with years of experience, from the disabled to the most athletic, from the totally self-employed to the moonlighters This is true because of the tremendous demand for software to keep pace with rapidly changing technology It is difficult to say how much software program contractors write today because much of their work is done off the books Equally hard to determine is how many freelancers support themselves solely through contracting and how many are moonlighters Industry experts believe that half of the nation s fulltime programmers moonlight Another estimate states that one-third of all programmers think seriously of going into business for themselves, and about one-half of them actually do it There is increasing demand for specific types of applications software Applications software written in the new languages, network software, database software, software for the personal computer market, Internet and Web software, and interactive entertainment applications are all in demand Because writing software is costly and time-consuming, software firms are finding a good market for their packaged software Customers are paying $100,000 for software that would cost several times that much to develop in-house Software publishers buy or develop software, then package and market it Rather than working for an hourly rate or a set price, as does the contractor working for a user company, those who write programs for sale by a software vendor usually receive royalties for their work, as do authors of books The expanding software industry offers contract programmers many opportunities to develop software in their areas of interest and expertise Program contractors don t have to conform to rules and regulations of particular companies Unlike the consultant, image is not important Many work at home and set their own hours This is especially true in the personal computer market Paul Lutus lived alone in the woods, wrote programs, and earned six-figure royalties Most of these royalties came from a word processing pro-
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