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Landscape Architecture
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With the Internet, job hunting has become easier You are no longer restricted to your own hometown paper or trekking to the library to dig out the yellow pages for other regions A search on the Web will produce dozens, maybe hundreds, of hits A visit to the of cial website of the American Society of Landscape Architects (aslaorg) will bring you to a database of job listings
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These listings are provided as a sample only; therefore, the hiring rms are not mentioned You may nd similar listings by visiting the ASLA website
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Entry-Level Landscape Architect, Arizona A small, well-established landscape architecture rm is looking for someone with the qualities of a self-starter (motivated, goal-oriented, responsible) who is a quick learner The ability to work well alone and with a team is a must The right individual will be pro cient in AutoCAD (we have Release 14) and will have the drafting abilities required for occasional hand-drawn items Knowledge of Southwestern plants and quick, high-quality rendering abilities are a plus We provide a casual business atmosphere A full bene ts package is offered, with available ex hour options Our projects cover a wide range, but most are commercial and multifamily projects
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Experience required: none to two years Education requirements: BLA or equivalent from an accredited university
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Landscape Architect, Louisiana We are in search of a motivated self-starter, excited about learning and working the craft of landscape architecture Our projects vary in scope, scale, and clientele All are site/construction oriented and premised on advancing technical expertise, design excellence, and construction craftsmanship This is a small, custom-design studio and not a production sweatshop Our studio extends to the construction site We like muddy boots, plants, current technology, and old-fashioned nuts-and-bolts know-how If you re looking for a traditional, craft-based landscape architecture opportunity and can demonstrate excellent examples of your own dedication and focus, please contact us for a meeting Experience required: one to three years Education requirements: landscape architect: BLA/MLA, or others with appropriate supporting skills; horticultural knowledge; strong design skills; construction experience; AutoCAD 14/2000 design and production skills; project management; a rounded perspective on life Landscape Architect Assistant, Louisiana We are in need of an ambitious, mature, design-oriented self-starter who is working toward becoming a career professional Duties involve participation in all aspects of project management, design, and CAD-based drafting production, of ce operations, and limited eldrelated activities This is a wide-open opportunity to learn by doing, assist project designers, meet clients, work in a small, creative studio environment, and participate in on-site design and constructionphase activities This position demands self-discipline, motivation, and teamwork In addition to professional-related activities, general of ce assistance regarding daily business operations is included All work will be preformed under the immediate supervision of a registered landscape architect Experience required: none
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Education requirements: bachelor s degree; award from recognized certi cate program in landscape architecture, architecture, or complimentary discipline; and AutoCAD and other computer experience preferred
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Landscape Architecture
Green Space Design, Utah Green Space Design is a new idea and landscape architecture realm developed by an award-winning rm focused on preserving landscapes Green Space Design designs open space into community plans, connecting critical lands into one system The process de nes open space types, utilizes GIS and satellite imagery to map them, calls on public participation to identify and design a green space vision, and implements that vision through a spectrum of planning and preservation tools A green space is created commensurate with growth, building a green infrastructure that balances preservation and development economically and equitably This is a project manager position within a three-person core of land designers, involving interviews/meetings/presentations with community members; landscape analysis/mapping; and updating planning documents Essential abilities include superior written, verbal, and graphic communication; a commitment to marketing projects; moderate computer skills (desktop publishing, GIS, CAD); a comprehensive understanding of land and natural systems; and ability to travel the Intermountain Region The ideal candidate should be versed and vocal in land conservation, smart growth, and public participation in planning Experience required: three years desired, but enthusiasm and interest weigh heavily Education requirements: BLA or MLA Landscape Architect Extraordinaire, Vermont A rm of three-hundred-plus planners, engineers, landscape architects, and scientists is looking for a landscape architect (guru) to lead and manage its Landscape Architecture and Planning Group You will be working with a staff of talented and motivated landscape architects and planners, coordinating with our fteen of ces in the Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest You must be an innovator,
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