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Deploying PerformancePoint Server
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PerformancePoint Server may encompass three specific areas, but the installation is broken into two separate setup routines The Monitoring Server includes both the monitoring and analysis pieces and covers the items discussed in 5 and the first half of 6 This is where the Dashboard Designer resides, and allows for the creation of KPIs, indicators, scorecards, reports, dashboards, and so forth The Planning Server is a separate installation and includes all the components for creating and working with the planning items as discussed in 7 Because there are two separate installation components, this chapter will first discuss deployment of the Monitoring Server, and then describe deployment for the Planning Server It s important to understand that while there are two separate installations, there are several files that make up the suite of tools for the Planning Server In addition, there is a single setup page, similar to the one for SQL Server 2005, which allows administrators to install the Planning Server and its components, as well as the Monitoring Server Despite this single setup page, the installations will frequently be done separately
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8: PerformancePoint Deployment and Security
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Installing the Monitoring Server
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The Monitoring Server consists of the server itself, which is made up of ASPNET pages, web services, and related components These will be installed on a web server running Internet Information Services, or IIS The Monitoring Server will also need access to a SQL Server 2005 server, on which the monitoring database will be installed The database is required because it stores the metadata for KPIs, scorecards, dashboards, and so forth SharePoint will have to be installed, and this can be either Windows SharePoint Services 30 (WSS) or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) There are other requirements as well, such as the NET Framework 20, ASPNET 20 AJAX Extensions 10, and ADOMDNET 90 SP2 (if the dashboards will be accessing data from Analysis Services), but these requirements are subject to change so make sure you check the latest installation guide There are six separate components plus the Monitoring Server database that can be installed with the Monitoring Server These components, as well as the database, are listed in Table 8-1 The hardware requirements for the Monitoring Server are quite minimal by today s standards The recommendation is for two dual-core 64-bit processors with 2GB RAM, but the server runs on a single processor with one core and 1GB RAM Again, check the current recommendations because changes are likely as patches and service packs are issued
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Component PerformancePoint Monitoring Server Web Service PerformancePoint Monitoring database PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer installation site PerformancePoint Dashboard Viewer for SharePoint Services PerformancePoint Dashboard Web Preview PerformancePoint Scorecard Viewer for Reporting Services PerformancePoint Monitoring Plug-in for Report Designer Table 8-1 Description This component allows the Dashboard Designer to communicate with the Monitoring database This is the database holding metadata for KPIs, scorecards, and other elements in the Monitoring Server This site allows users to download and use the Dashboard Designer This component is a web part that allows SharePoint to display dashboards from the Monitoring Server This component allows dashboards to be deployed and viewed as ASPNET pages This component allows for the viewing of scorecards in Report Definition Language (RDL) format This plug-in allows Visual Studio 2005 to edit scorecards that are saved in RDL format
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Components Making Up the PerformancePoint Monitoring Server
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Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
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The initial installation of the Monitoring Server is extremely straightforward Other than choosing the installation location, there are no options for the administrator to choose, and installation will proceed However, once the basic installation is done, the administrator must run the Monitoring Server Configuration Manager before the Monitoring Server is ready for use The Configuration Manager starts out by checking for all necessary prerequisites, and then moves to the screen shown in Figure 8-1 Figure 8-1 shows only five options, while Table 8-1 listed seven; this is because the Monitoring Web Service, Dashboard Web Preview, and Dashboard Designer Installation Site components are all included under the Monitoring Server check box All other components match those as found in Table 8-1
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Figure 8-1
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The Monitoring Server Configuration Manager allows the Monitoring Server components to be deployed on a single server or across multiple servers
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