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8: PerformancePoint Deployment and Security
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the IIS application pool, grants permissions to the database and IIS as needed, adds components to SharePoint and Reporting Services, and creates the relational database to hold the Monitoring Server metadata, among other steps It is not necessary to run the user interface for the Configuration Manager The command line tool is called PMServerConfigMangerexe and is located in %program files%\Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server\30\Tools\MonitoringConfiguration by default There are a number of command line switches that can be used; not specifying any switches loads the GUI, as shown previously in Figures 8-1 and 8-2 After installing and configuring the Monitoring Server, the Monitoring Central site can be shown by navigating a browser to http://<servername>:<port number>/ central, where the server name is the name of the server running the Monitoring Server Web Service, and the port number is the port specified during installation (the default is 40000) Monitoring Central contains only two buttons: the first downloads and runs Dashboard Designer, while the second takes the user to the Dashboard Designer Preview Site Once Monitoring Server is up and running, it creates two log files in the %temp% directory These files are named MonitoringStatus and MonitoringVerbose, and each has the date appended, as well as an extension of log Therefore, the status file for January 5, 2008, would be MonitoringStatus1-5-2008log if the system s date format is configured for US English Perhaps one of the biggest areas of confusion in PerformancePoint Server is how connections are made Most people think that the SharePoint web parts connect to the Monitoring Server machine, which then connects to the data source This is not the case; the Monitoring Server supports the Dashboard Designer and the preview sites, but does not come into play when dashboards are viewed through SharePoint Instead, SharePoint connects directly to the data sources, so all caching and security for the user s session occurs on the SharePoint server This is true even if you export the dashboard directly to SharePoint and don t use the web parts directly On a related note, administrators might want to consider setting up ConnectionPerUser in the webconfig file ConnectionPerUser sets up dedicated connections per user rather than pulling existing connections from a connection pool This is useful when applying security on individual users because connections in a connection pool can only be reused if all the connection information is the same, and this includes the username and password
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Installing the Planning Server
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The Planning Server consists of two different web services: a remote administration service and a database These are installed on a web server running Internet Information Services The Planning Server will also need access to a SQL Server 2005 server, on which the planning database will be installed The planning database will
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Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
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run on SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition, but access to Analysis Services requires the Enterprise Edition There are also other requirements, such as the NET Framework 20, ASPNET 20, and a post-SP2 cumulative update Make sure to check the current requirements, because they may change as updates are made to the Planning Server There are three separate components plus the Planning Server database that can be installed with the Planning Server These components and the database are listed in Table 8-2 The hardware requirements for the Planning Server are nearly the same as the ones for the Monitoring Server The recommendation is for two dual-core 64-bit processors with 2GB RAM, but the servers will run on a single processor with one core and 1GB RAM Again, check the current recommendations as changes are likely as new patches and service packs are issued While the Monitoring Server had just a single installation file, the Planning Server contains multiple files, and thus includes a setuphta file to guide the installation process In fact, one of the links on the page is for the Monitoring Server, so the setup hta file works as a single point of installation for all the PerformancePoint Server components There are three options in the Planning section of the installation page: Install Planning Server Install Planning Business Modeler Install PerformancePoint Add-in for Excel Choosing to install the Planning Server results in a process that is similar to the one resulting from the installation of the Monitoring Server After entering only the installation path, the server installs and then seeks to run the Planning Server Configuration Manager After verifying that the requisite software is already installed, the Configuration Manager presents the user with the option of performing a distributed or standalone installation Like the Monitoring Server, the Planning
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Component PerformancePoint Planning Web Service PerformancePoint Planning Process Service PerformancePoint Planning database PerformancePoint Planning Remote Administration Service Table 8-2
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Description This component is used by the Planning Business Modeler and the PerformancePoint Add-in for Excel This service is used for jobs and workflow tasks in PerformancePoint This is the database holding all the data of the Planning Server This service is used by the Planning Administration Console and can be used to modify server settings, manage roles, and so forth
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