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Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
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Microsoft s goal for PerformancePoint Server was for a unified product that would allow businesses to monitor the business, analyze the data, and plan for the future; plans could then be compared against actuals in the new year as well as performance monitored thus completing the circle I was excited about the prospects for the product Finally, the ProClarity features I had known for years were growing up and would become part of a larger, integrated suite that would provide business intelligence value at many levels of the organization While version one of PerformancePoint Server isn t quite as integrated as I d hoped, it s definitely headed in the right direction and is going to help deliver value to many businesses that have thus far deployed nothing more than Excel This book lays out what business intelligence is all about, who the consumers of business intelligence are, and how they consume data It discusses the business intelligence concepts and shows how they can be delivered using PerformancePoint Server and ProClarity, whether through monitoring, analysis, or planning I also discuss Excel 2007 and Reporting Services, since both can continue to be used for delivering data in various formats As you ll discover from reading this book, I m a fan of business intelligence in general I believe it has the power to enable businesses to make informed decisions more quickly I m also a believer in a variety of approaches for delivering the data; I find PerformancePoint Server to be on the right path to delivering data to a very broad swath of users No tool is perfect, but I ve found PerformancePoint Server to be the best product yet created to address the various needs of different users to consume data from a data warehouse
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Business Intelligence
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The Case for Business Intelligence
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What Is Business Intelligence The Consumers of Business Intelligence Delivering Data to Business Intelligence Consumers Real World Examples Summary
Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
usiness intelligence is a concept that can cover many technologies A business intelligence solution usually covers a wide range of processes, software, and techniques, from retrieving the data from source systems to delivering business value to end users In order to help deliver end-to-end business intelligence, Microsoft has created a suite of products that covers the entire gamut, of which PerformancePoint Server 2007 is an important part This chapter, however, will focus on business intelligence in general, including the users of business intelligence and the kinds of tasks they ll perform in their daily jobs In this chapter, I ll first describe business intelligence from a high level, and then define what it is and why it s important Next I ll describe the various consumers of business intelligence, and as you ll see, it can encompass virtually everyone in an organization Finally, I ll conclude the chapter with a variety of ways to deliver data to the various classes of users
What Is Business Intelligence
Business intelligence (BI) is more of a concept than a single technology The goal is to gain insight into the business by bringing together data, formatting it in a way that enables better analysis, and then providing tools that give users power not just to examine and explore the data, but to quickly understand it Many in the information technology field are familiar with the saying, Data is not information This phrase underscores the idea that data points by themselves fail to impart much useful information and that data must be put into context to be meaningful A list of sales numbers is not helpful unless it includes the products sold, when they were sold, where they were sold, and so on It is important to include context when looking at data in order to turn it into information While obtaining information is important, information is only useful if it is easy to grasp so that people can use it to make decisions There is much information in books on nuclear physics or Cycladic statuary and burial rites, but without the proper context and training such information can be hard to comprehend It is therefore the goal to make data easy to comprehend; a quick grasp of the trends, relationships, and relative strengths and weaknesses is essential to delivering a usable system that truly delivers business value Building a system that allows users to easily grasp what is presented and turn it into easily comprehended, actionable business information requires a number of steps First, the business problems to be solved must be identified Then, the data must be located in the various source systems and consolidated in such a way that it
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