Build Your Own Elec tric Vehicle in Visual Studio .NET

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Build Your Own Elec tric Vehicle
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of the roadster The Tesla Model S is planned for 2010 delivery The estimated cost is $60,000 with a $30,000 model planned later on ZAP produces several electric vehicles, most notably, the Xebra three-wheel electric vehicle, which is classified as a motorcycle Top speed is 40 mph and costs about $10,000 According to reports, it has sold about 200 through US dealers The ZAP-X (www zapworldcom) is a four door crossover engineered by Lotus with a price tag of around $60,000 No production date has been given ZENN (wwwzenncarscom) has a fully-enclosed three-door hatchback low-speed vehicle (LSV) I met Ian Clifford, the President of ZENN when I worked for NYPA in 2003 We talked about the possibility of using the vehicle for the Clean Commute Program at NYPA ZENN is now planning a launch in fall 2009 It will be the first electric car to use the revolutionary EEStor ultra-capacitor Smith electric vehicles also produces a 45 and 75 ton electric truck The Might-E truck is a heavy duty electric work truck Canadian Company Dynasty EV has a neighborhood electric vehicle with a design reminiscent of the Volkswagen Beetle REVA is an Indian-built city car The REVA is sold in the United Kingdom as the G-Wiz as well as in several European countries In the United States, it is classified as a NEV or LSV and is limited for use as a neighborhood electric vehicle The CityEl (www cityelde) is a three-wheeled EV, produced in Germany Then there is Modec (www modeccouk/) which is based in the United Kingdom and they build electric delivery vans There are many independent companies that are selling electric cars The free market even shows how internationally, electric cars are increasing in size There are other companies out there, so research the best one for you! This is a tell tale sign of the market for electric cars People should realize that electric vehicles are not just for the rich Low-speed vehicles are priced at between $8,000 and $10,000 and only go 25 miles per hour When I worked for the State of New York, after the full-performance electric cars were recalled, we placed several thousand low-speed electric vehicles in the state Today, there are over 20,000 low-speed, neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) on the road today While they were not on-road (highway) vehicles, they reduced vehicle emissions It had an effect From Battery Park City to the Town Niagara, from the State University of New York at Albany to Staten Island Zoo, these electric vehicles were great in city applications While the enclosures for those vehicles were not appropriate for the Northeast, many low-speed electric vehicles today have enclosures that are like doors While they are only allowed on roads that do not exceed 35 miles per hour, there are plenty of areas in the country where they work just fine They are and were perfect for university campuses, large facilities that need zero-emission indoor vehicles, shuttles in corporate multi-building campuses, and even the military A low-speed electric car can be a popular second car in two-vehicle households These low-cost EVs are fine for those who will compromise on speed and range Reasonably priced new vehicles are coming with few compromises and many exciting features Today, there are also low-speed vehicles, such as the ZENN car, that look more like an actual car for many applications With the ever increasing LSV market, electric cars are increasing significantly worldwide
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Low-Speed Electric Vehicles
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E l e c t r i c Ve h i c l e H i s t o r y
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Near Future Trends For Electric Drive
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There are many options today for electric cars A Tesla costs about $100,000 for the Roadster, and the company is expecting to launch a vehicle for $30,000 and $60,000 You can order an eBox from AC Propulsion for $73,000 fully loaded Also, Vectrix is now selling a freeway-legal electric motorcycle for $11,000 Or, you can buy one of the many electric bikes online for less than $1,000 to about $2,000 for really high-performance electric bikes Sherry Boschert, author of Plug-in Hybrids: The Cars That Will Recharge America, rides on sunlight She charges her electric vehicle with her home s solar power Her Toyota RAV4 runs fast on freeways and silent on quiet streets She uses a zero-emission approach to transportation Mitsubishi is introducing the iMiEV Sport, which it plans to launch in Japan and possibly other countries in 2009 The car has a range of 93 miles (150 km) and a top speed of 93 mph (150 km/h) The GM Volt is expected to go on sale by November 2010 GM plans to start selling the Saturn Vue plug-in hybrid in 2009 It is said that it will likely offer the best mileage of any SUV on the market TH!NK is starting to sell cars in Europe and has now started TH!NK North America, run by Vicky Northrup I recently called her to congratulate her on starting back up in the United States Vicky and I had worked closely together on the NYPA/TH!NK Clean Commute Program TH!NK has even developed a full-performance electric car, which can only improve its chances for success Toyota, Ford, Volvo, and Saab all have plug-in hybrids in early fleet trails Other fleets are doing their own custom integration of plug-in hybrids from sedans to heavy vehicles Nissan and Renault are planning to mass produce an electric car that will be initially marketed for large cities by 2012 Internationally, from London to Shanghai, there are increased possibilities that only ZEVs will be allowed in major urban areas On the international front, Israel has committed to electric vehicle infrastructure across the country The State of Israel is working directly with Renault-Nissan, who will manufacture an electric car They are also working with a California start-up founded by former SAP executive Shai Agassi who will build the electric vehicle infrastructure They are hoping to have over 500,000 charging stations across the country and up to 200 battery-exchange locations While they plan to start with a pilot program of a few vehicles, they would like to mass market them by 2011 In addition, Israel cut the taxes on electric vehicles by 10% to incentivize consumers to buy electric cars In the meantime, they can convert to electric today and will have EV infrastructure on the road for their public use We should applaud the efforts by the State of Israel and Renault-Nissan to work together to create this EV market We must realize that electric drive technology is already and will continue to be part of every day automotive technology Everyone seems to be building their own electric vehicle Whether it is a hybrid, plug-in-hybrid, or pure EV, people are switching to electric everyday In addition, more and more people are converting their cars to electric Every conversion company I talk with has a backlog and more business just keeps coming However, it is important to have plug-in-hybrids and hybrid cars They transition the market toward a fully electric drive vehicle Even if people are not interested in ending our dependence on foreign oil or saving the environment, electric drive technology makes cars with better acceleration and torque that cost less to run than a regular gas car today
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