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only six weeks to design and build their bot After that time, they compete in regional contests and later move on to the final championship In 1992, the inaugural year of the FIRST competition, there was only one contest with 23 teams entered Since then, the contest has grown significantly In 2001, there were 14 competitions with a total of 535 teams entered FIRST has grown to include Canadian and Brazilian teams, as well Each year the goal of the contest changes, and nobody knows this goal until the first day of the six-week countdown During this six-week time period, teams must figure out the rules and goals of the contest and design and build their bot During the actual contest, a team is paired up with another team, and those two groups of people must work together to solve the prescribed challenge against two other teams The particular contests are designed so that teamwork is required in order to score enough points During most of the preliminary rounds, the contest officials decide team pairings In the finals, a team is allowed to choose its partners The FIRST organizers believe this helps promote teamwork and cooperation FIRST robotics is an extremely challenging and exciting contest Many of today s famous combat robot warriors cut their teeth in competition robotics by competing in FIRST, either by participating as a member of a high-school team or serving as a mentor to a FIRST team A lot of the technologies and skills needed for building combat robots are used in designing FIRST robots The official FIRST Web site is wwwusfirstorg
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Team Titan Robotics from the International School in Bellevue, Washington, built Prometheus for a FIRST competition (courtesy of Larry Barello)
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Build Your Own Combat Robot
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Robot Soccer
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Probably the most difficult robot sport is Robot Soccer This is an autonomous game where a team of bots works together to score goals against another team of bots The rules of the game are similar to those in actual soccer games Bots use advanced vision systems to track the soccer ball, monitor the location of the opposing team s bots, and know where their own teammates are All of the bots play their positions just as human players do There is a lot of cross-communication between all of the bots playing This contest is usually performed by university students developing algorithms for artificial intelligence We reference this contest because a lot of the technologies being developed for Robot Soccer players may soon migrate down to combat robots At some point in the future, there may even be autonomous soccer teams in popular competitions like BattleBot More information on Robot Soccer can be found at wwwrobocuporg Before you start building a bot for a particular contest, you should get a copy of that contest s current rules and regulations You can usually find this information on the organization s official Web site Keep in mind that some of these competitions have long and complex regulations for builders to follow, and the rules do change from time to time because the contests are evolving into a mature sport You need to be very familiar with the robot specifications and safety requirements for the contest you have in mind, as they ll have a significant effect on your bot s design
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overcooked batteries, fried wires, and oil filled the air It was heaven It was also my robot Spike s first time competing as a lightweight We came in third, but where we wound up didn t matter Just being a part of the action was thrilling enough If you needed a screwdriver or blew a gasket, someone was there with a spare to help you get your bot back into the fray When our Tekin speed control turned into a smoking slagpile, we got a loaner from the guy we were going to be up against in the next match In the pit, we were all on the same team, working toward a common goal However, once our bot was in the arena, all bets were off, and it was mano a mano: let the best-made machine win
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death from a chain on he sport of Person the ceiling Lexan walls robotic combat separated the audience has been called from the inevitable flying shrapnel American Gladiators for people and sparks The floor of the arena with brains and the sport of the future However, back when I first was so dented, dinged, and pitted by the last day that you were sorry signed on board with my armored harbinger of destruction, it was just your robot wasn t equipped with off-road capabilities a small bunch of guys getting Someone was nice enough to together in San Francisco s Fort set up a primitive closed-circuit TV Mason Center for what could only be described as Rockem Sockem so that we in the backstage pit Robots for grownups area could see what was happening The crowd was small but in the arena and know when we enthusiastic The hazards in the should get on-deck for our matches arena were walls that pushed in While we toiled away on our bots, our spot in the pit was so close to and out, some spinning blades that popped up whenever the guy the action that we could almost watch the battles if we stood on running them was alert enough to press the lever, and a large metal our chairs The sound of saws grinding metal and the smell of ball looming from on high that swung like a giant pendulum of
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