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Figure 5414 (Continued)
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Case Studies
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Author s Comment Modeling is playing an increasingly important role for self-performed work for general contractors The advantages of working in 3D space are undeniable, and the rewards more than cover the cost of the modeling efforts Webcor is on the forefront of BIM development and is dedicated to implement these processes company wide
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Implementation of Model-Based Estimating
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by Jim Bedrick and Matt Ryan, Webcor Builders Inc History Webcor s decision to launch an aggressive program of developing virtual design and construction (VDC) tools and integrating them into our standard processes was triggered by a meeting between our executives and those of Revit Technologies in January 2002 While Revit was demonstrating the process of building a model by tracing over an underlay 2D plan, we observed that the activity was almost identical to that of moving a digitizer over paper drawings (or a cursor over on-screen 2D CAD drawings) to generate a quantity takeoff Two points quickly became obvious:
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A quantity takeoff generated by constructing a model is much more reliable than one generated by traditional methods, which rely on the estimator marking paper with felt pens (or CAD drawings with textures) to indicate what has and has not been counted With appropriate infrastructure and standards in place, the model-based approach is much more what you see is what you get if you see it in the model, it s counted; if you don t, it s not The time spent creating a model replaces the time spent taking off quantities from 2D drawings We subsequently found that with appropriate infrastructure, standards, and training in place, creating a model was at least as fast as generating a takeoff via 2D processes Thus the model, which can be leveraged for other purposes such as schedule development and management and building system coordination, is essentially free
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We launched our VDC program with three thrusts: 3D quality control (constructability and coordination), 4D scheduling, and 5D cost estimating At the outset we decided to lead with estimating, and this has worked well for us This decision was based primarily on two points
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Timeliness The first thing we do with a project, once we decide to pursue it, is to generate a cost estimate, so the model-based estimating process gives us a model from the outset This model is extremely useful in the project interviews as well as for 4D and 3D purposes such as design and construction progress Collaboration On most of our major projects, we are brought on early in the design phase to provide preconstruction services, and cost estimating is the majority of the
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effort BIM is an invaluable collaboration tool during this effort, being extremely effective at helping all stakeholders visualize the project accurately and thus propose cost-saving measures that support the architect s design intent In March 2004, the executive leadership of Graphisoft came to us with an aggressive plan to develop a version of their ArchiCAD modeling program specifically for the construction industry At that point Webcor and several other major contractors formed informal partnerships with Graphisoft, providing the real-world projects and domain expertise they needed to develop effective construction tools While we have major 3D and 4D implementations underway as well, the remainder of this study will focus on our implementation of 5D cost estimating While our own program has developed with Graphisoft Constructor (now Vico Constructor after a management buyout in 2006), the study will remain as application agnostic as possible Implementation Approach Webcor executives were convinced from the beginning that BIM-based processes would be advantageous for us, so we didn t expend much effort on ROI studies Rather, our pilot projects were designed to develop processes, standards, and infrastructure, and to validate the results to generate confidence in the new approach In many cases we found that the best approach was to simply provide additional resources to an existing project to run the BIM processes in parallel with the traditional until we had proved that the new processes were reliable The following discussion describes, at a high level, the processes, standards, and infrastructure we developed While it is not a complete manual, it can be viewed as a checklist of the issues that must be considered in implementing a BIM-based estimating process Processes Our usual project process is to work with the design team during preconstruction, providing several estimates of increasing precision, culminating in a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) at the conclusion of CDs Because of this, we needed a system that would handle data of varying precision For the most part this need does not exist on a hard-bid project, where the design information is at a high level of precision when the estimator begins The map in Fig 551 shows our standard estimating process flow This map was developed in collaboration with Graphisoft Construction Services Process Details
Set up locations We use the term location to denote building use type For example, a mixed-use building might have garage, retail, and residential locations Create content plan The content plan contains information defining project-specific library objects and their supplemental data in the cost database Create project database (DB) The project DB is partial copy of the corporate standard DB, initially created during project setup Subsequently data are copied to the project DB from the standard DB as required by objects placed in the model
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