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One of the more controversial aspects of the Web is the existence of cookies Cookies are nothing but an encoded set of information that the Web server asks your browser to keep for it The cookies simply contain information about you and the sites you visit They may contain information, such as your credit card number, that you have entered while visiting a site They may also contain links you selected from that Web site If you visit a major outfittercom and you look at hiking boots, the next time you log into that site, the first page may have backpacks and tents prominently displayed The site read the cookies it left on your machine the last time you visited It determined that you are an outdoor type (and decided it would be a high probability of sale for you on related outdoor equipment However, you still have the ability to view all the other parts of the site because the index page always contains an index to other pages on the main page Cookies, then, are a convenient way for the vendor to keep information about site visitors without having to keep a huge database of all visitors whether they are casual or frequent visitors You can throw away the cookie file anytime you want The browser will rebuild it when it needs it You can also read your cookie file by opening it in a text reader Depending on the browser, the cookie file normally contains ASCII text The information is normally encoded as a set of numbers that are not meaningful to anyone but the originator of the cookie Some Web pages won t work correctly unless you have the cookies enabled You may leave accept cookies turned on and discard the file at the end of your session if you are paranoid about the information that might be stored therein
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Even if we have links to follow, there is no good way to find a specific set of information We still need a database catalog that we can search that lists sites that might contain the information we want The search engines (such as Yahoo! and Alta Vista) provide a database to search very similar to the way Gopher and Veronica tools did in the past Enterprising individuals also developed Web crawlers that would follow hyperlinks based on a key word and fetch all the associated pages You could start these crawlers, go to bed, and wake up with a full disk Today s databases are a combination of crawling and advertising The business plan of the search engine provider is to offer advertising along with the database information Companies that pay more get a better position on each page In a few cases, the ordering of the hits on the page is a function of how much the information source paid to gets its listing put first The goal of the game is to entice the Web surfers to your site Once there, you can either sell them something or present them with advertising for which you have been paid The more visitors to your site, the more you can charge for the so-called banner advertisements For folks looking for information, these banner ads are just background noise Being enticed to look at one will often lead you on an interesting, but irrelevant, wild goose chase
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Within the Internet, standards are created and managed on a voluntary basis The IETF makes recommendations to the IAB for inclusion as standards Remember that the whole Internet started as a volunteer-based network, each building on what was done before Anyone who determines a new feature is needed or a problem needs fixing creates a solution That solution is implemented on one s own network, and when ready, it can be submitted to the IETF as a Request for Comment (RFC) It is then published on the relevant newsgroups for others to try it and comment on it After it has survived this torture test, it is ready for formal adoption Because the whole Internet is voluntary, it is up to the network administrator to decide whether to use that RFC or not Failure to implement it, however, may mean compatibility problems with other networks This process is very practical and very different from that used by the formal international standards organizations, such as the International Standards Organization (ISO) and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) These have a formal membership and a proposal submission and review procedure that is designed to form a consensus
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