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16: Government and Military Programs
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try to match the palmprints collected at crime scenes against the stored palmprints of suspects The APIS performs this identification (one-to-many) search and provides a ranked list of possible matches A forensic investigator then can hone in on the possible matches for a true match or hit The APIS correctly identified a hit-and-run suspect just one month after its implementation So far the department has over 400,000 palmprints in the APIS database, the largest in the United States Police officers expect the new system to solve crimes where fingerprints are not always present If successful, the SFPD s use of palmprints could be replicated by many other law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, and local levels, and taking arrestees palmprints could become standard operating procedure for the authorities Just as the FBI has its IAFIS for fingerprints, a national repository for palmprints could also be created, and in the process, more crimes could be solved Currently, a major operational downside of palmprints is the relatively large image that must be captured and the costs associated with transmitting that data in light of limited bandwidth
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Police in Gwinnett County, Georgia, have begun using biometric signatures to reduce the processing time needed to issue arrest warrants Using video conferencing connected via the Internet, a police officer can contact a judge to present evidence supporting a warrant If the judge is satisfied, he can authorize the warrant by signing it online This whole process takes about 15 minutes: a major improvement from the previous system that required the police officer to travel to the courthouse, which could take up to four hours with heavy traffic a situation that kept officers spending most of the day driving back and forth to the courthouse (For more information, go to http://wwwintegratedsolutionsmagcom/ articles/1998_07-08/980701htm) All six police precincts, the police headquarters, and the county jail in Gwinnett County can now process electronic arrest warrants The process works as follows: The officer logs on to the password-protected system and enters data on electronic forms about the accused, victims, witnesses, and nature of the alleged crime Once the data is entered, the officer clicks an icon on his computer screen to place a videoconference call to the courthouse Once the videoconference is established, the judge swears in the officer and they proceed to discuss the warrant application If the judge determines that the legal requirements have been satisfied, each party signs the arrest warrant using a digitizer pad Software electronically captures each signature and binds them to the document Both the judge and the officer print paper copies of the arrest warrant The judge s copy is physically stored at the courthouse and the officer s copy is presented to the arrestee The security of the electronic warrant system was a major implementation concern for Gwinnett County officials Both officers and judges have passwords that
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must be entered to begin the arrest warrant process (A fingerprint recognition system is planned for future use Judges and officers will log on to the system by placing their finger on a small scanner) The signature software ensures the signatures on the arrest warrant are secure Users of the system must first enroll their signatures with the system; users sign their names ten times using the digitizer The biometric signature software records the time it takes to sign a name, the type of pen strokes used to sign a name, and other distinctive characteristics of each signature When a user signs their name, it is compared to the record of the signature enrolled in the system in a one-to-one match (verification) To enhance security, the signature software also binds the signatures cryptographically to the electronic documents Signatures cannot be altered once they are so bound If the document is altered, the signature automatically voids itself All of the electronic documents are stored on the server as read-only memory, so the documents cannot be altered To access data on the server, a judge s password is needed The system has been well received by both police officers and judges as it has significantly reduced processing time for arrest warrants (Arguably, criminals prefer the old inefficient system) The electronic arrest warrant system could be particularly useful in rural counties where officers routinely have to travel long distances to get to the courthouse The system would also be welcome in large cities plagued with rush-hour traffic
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Miami-Dade County in Florida, with a population of more than 2 million people, has the fourth-largest traffic court system in the United States The number of traffic citations has been growing; in 1999 it stood at over 700,000, requiring over 2 million documents to be filed with the Miami-Dade County Traffic Court Division a huge volume of paperwork to file, store, process, access, and provide to a judge whenever necessary To ease the problems created by this huge paper trail and to improve service, the county implemented an electronic imaging document system This system includes a module that enables judges, clerks, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and defendants, using special electronic styluses, to provide handwritten electronic signatures on court documents Signatures are captured electronically and affixed to appropriate forms More than 8,900 defendant signatures are captured per week As a result, documents can be processed and routed electronically, streamlining the workflow Information technology has thus transformed the Traffic Court Division into a paperless court, significantly improving its efficiency and effectiveness and making it the first paperless traffic court in the world The system has improved productivity, saved significant dollars, and provided the public with high-quality documents with appropriate signatures in place The ability to capture signatures in a legally binding way was a key component of the entire process
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