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The Synthesizing Mind
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The Seven s mind, called the synthesizing mind, responds instantaneously to stimulation, moving faster than a nanosecond to a new idea connected to the original thought, then triggering another idea, and so forth Because Sevens become fascinated with information from so many different disciplines and have an abundance of data upon which to draw, these fast and loose associations can be instantly transformed into highly creative, surprisingly original although not always practical new ways of doing things As a result of their desire for constant mental stimulation and their rapid mental processing, Sevens may have a breadth, but not necessarily a depth, of knowledge
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Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach
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Emotional Patterns of Sevens
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Joyfulness and enthusiasm
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When Sevens experience discomfort in any form (for example, emotional pain, anxiety, anticipation of something negative occurring, feeling limited by someone or something, or boredom), their initial response is to think about positive possibilities and future plans and to do so with creativity and zest This keeps them adrenalized, stimulated, and upbeat, but it also distracts them from any feelings of discomfort and overrides these
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Avoidance of negative emotions, particularly sorrow and fear, through positive reframing
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Reframing is a way in which Sevens avoid feelings they prefer not to have, such as sadness and fear In this automatic or unconscious response to unwanted emotions, Sevens take a negative experience or thought and rename it so that it appears positive For example, when receiving feedback that a work product was late, a Seven might say, Yes, but I figured out two more sections we hadn t thought of earlier that will make the customer very happy
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Workplace Behaviors of Sevens
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Adore idea generation
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Sevens feel stimulated, valued, and close to others through the sharing of ideas Not only does this keep them excited, but their life force feels activated When others respond with agreement or new ideas, Sevens feel listened to and affirmed In fact, they thrive on dialogue that goes back and forth in rapid fashion, preferring this overlapping conversation where someone interjects thoughts and adds comments (but not criticism) while the other person is still in mid-sentence to sequential conversations, in which each person waits for the other to finish before speaking Although Sevens are interested in what others say, they listen to the first part of an idea, believe they understand the crux of what is being said, and then respond immediately
Like everything to be positive
Sevens are highly optimistic, fun loving, and enthusiastic, often telling stories as a way to communicate and infusing humor into difficult situations In addition, they like others to respond with a similar positive, energetic tone
Are in perpetual motion
Sevens minds are in constant motion, as are their bodies At a meeting, Sevens typically fidget in their chairs, shake their legs, tap their feet, stand up and pace around the room, and/or leave the room and return to the meeting multiple times
Coaching Enneagram Style Seven
Dislike restraints, needing to keep themselves constantly stimulated
Addicted to the adrenaline rush of excitement, Sevens like being overly busy and juggling plans, and multitask to an extreme They have difficulty saying no to anything that stimulates them, even when they have more to do than can be realistically accomplished in the time available In addition, Sevens crave having all options available to them, and they intensely dislike anything that puts restraints on their time and freedom
Have dif culty focusing
Sevens feel challenged when they have to stay focused on one thing for any length of time, becoming easily distracted by new thoughts and external stimuli Focusing can be excruciatingly painful for Sevens, because it makes them stay still, thus allowing their feelings of anxiety and sadness to more readily emerge
Howard Stern (radio personality)
My energy level is through the roof and I m excited about it My mother was very involved with me And we had a dialogue constantly And it was like an umbilical cord As long as the words were flowing back and forth, we were connected and feeding each other I may not have been the greatest president, but I ve had the most fun eight years A lot of presidential memoirs, they say, are dull and self-serving I hope mine is interesting and self-serving We need men who can dream of things that never were Change is the law of life And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future
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